Now that’s how to write a song.

Springsteen isn’t trying to impress you with his writing. Rather he’s attempting to draw you into a conversation. That’s why I think the song “Devils and Dust” is one of the greatest anti-war songs ever written. It’s so good, you may not even realize it’s an anti-war song, and that is exactly what makes it so effective.

By assuming the point of view of a soldier, Bruce creates a statement without marginalizing anyone in the process. Instead of nailing people in the face with an opinion, he paints pictures that require the listener to ask questions. I’m sure Bruce hopes these questions will lead you to his same conclusions, but he leaves it up to you.

Springsteen certainly isn’t the originator of this approach. Neither is Dylan or even Shakespeare. King David uses it in his most famous Psalm “23”, where he assumes the role of a sheep. And as a communicator, Jesus applied it almost exclusively (Mathew 13:34).

So take a tip from Jesus, and Springsteen: Tell a story. If people are smart, they’ll get it, and I think people are smarter than we give them credit for. Don’t you?