sad songs

Folks, it’s time to write dangerous music. It’s time to take risks. It’s time to wear your heart on your sleeve, and sing about the things that actually matter to you. It’s time to bury the shackles of religious expectation and stop trying to put new cloths on the dead.

Forget about the correct usage of wording for one dang second and sing your heart. How can you “correct” the course of a boat that isn’t willing to acknowledge the waters it sails in?

Give me honesty before correctness. People can argue with me all day long about this and I won’t care, because honesty attracts God and it attracts people. And my two jobs are to love God and love people. Besides, you can never be “right” enough for God. “All our righteousness are like filthy rags” (Isa 64:6). If you want to know what God thinks of your ability to be correct then go ahead and look up the original Hebrew translation for “filthy rags”.

God wants your heart, the whole nasty thing.

I’m not sure exactly why, but I sure do.  In fact, a really good heartbreaker is my favorite kind of song.  I guess they just make me feel like a person.  Which is great because that makes me feel alive and I’m pretty glad to be alive.  Maybe sometimes it can be comforting when I’m in a difficult situation to listen to someone else who’s in a difficult situation too.  Maybe it brings things into perspective to realize that there are other people in the universe and they don’t all feel exactly the way I do.   

I don’t know.  What I do know is that songs like “How Do You Keep Love Alive” and “Say Hello Goodbye” never get old to me.  
If I think hard enough about it, I would probably have to say that the reason I seem to be so drawn to these songs may be because sad songs are probably the most authentic songs written.  Love songs are just so dang marketable. That’s why there’s a billion of them and many of them seem cheap and fake.  You just never hear an A and R guy telling his artist  “man there’s just not enough pain in these tunes bro”.  Heartbreak is not flattering.  So it seems more likely that someone willing to sing about it may actually be heartbroken.  And though I’m not apposed to fiction, I still want to feel like I’m hearing a person and not just what someone feels like they’re supposed to say.
Once again, I don’t know. I just love’ em.