new music

I mentioned this guy in a blog the other week. Well it turns out he has just put some new music out this week!

Who is he? His Myspace says…

“Born in an amish community that his family left during his childhood, Glen Yoder was raised in the hills of Kentucky and came of age on the streets of the world. Yoder’s formative years were spent somewhere between his amish roots, the folk music of his home in the hills and the indie-rock soundtrack of the streets of Lexington, KY. From Central America to South Africa, Glen traveled with his friends to far-flung corners, settling in the heart of Kentucky to write songs tinged with sadness and outlined with hope.

Having grown as an artist for the last few years, Glen has been recording his brand of folk/rock/radio music with producer Joel Khouri of Bright City Studios in Charlotte, NC. With the fall 2009 release of singles “When the World Was Young” and “Hollywood,” expectation is growing for Yoder’s upcoming ep in 2010.”

Both tracks, an 80s rock radio anthem called “When The World Was Young” and a dreamy introspective pop song, “Hollywood”, are super fresh. Enjoy these tracks and be sure to look for more from this guy.

Need good new music? Here is some killer stuff you may have never heard about. All these folks are personal friends of mine and I wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t all over my iPod right now.

The Embers Some of Kentucky’s best worship music.
Mark Mathis Songwriter from my home town. He also has anew FREE EP.
Glen Yoder Great young songwriter from central Kentucky.
Public Radio One of the best bands out of Charlotte, NC right now.
Flagship Brigade Some of these guys used to be in my band. They’re probably gonna be huge.
Aaron Strumple Great songwriting. Just released a sic new EP.
Agents of Future Pretty much the most creative worship music I’ve ever heard.
Please listen/enjoy/buy their music/ give them some love from JMM.