Final Video : Economy from NYC

You would think filming a song in NYC would be easy as falling off a log but it was actually one of the more challenging shoots. First of all, New York is busy, loud, and there are people everywhere. It’s one thing to play a song for people who are expecting to hear a song but it takes a little extra to just break it down for a group of strangers on the street. Not that this would be odd for New York, but it was hard to do. We got shots in a taxi cab which also seemed like a killer idea at first. But after spending $50 on a cab ride to nowhere and being tossed around like a couple of rag dolls for an hour we decided to move on. Finally my buddy let us into this place and we filmed this on his fire escape in SOHO Manhattan. Its at the end of Mercer St. right on the edge of China town. I think it was just what we were looking fo

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  1. Love the view of New York from the fire escape / I have kept up with every video along the way, and it has all been great stuff. From the local view here in New Orleans, I continue to see peoples lives reached by the content of your music. Thank you John Mark for sharing your talents and making a difference

    -B WELL

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