takeaway show # 2 daylight

If you’ve ever taken a stroll down Hollywood Blvd, you know that the sidewalks are frequented by almost every type of person you can imagine (and then some), including the kind who look as though, given the chance, they might happily walk off with our gear.  We found ourselves constantly weighing the consequences of ruining a good take versus losing our stuff.  Aside from dodging opportunistic boulevardians, our other major challenge was finding a shot that wasn’t dominated by traffic noise.  After sweating it out on the streets for a couple hours we began to think we might leave SOCAL with nothing. We had a show ahead of us and afterword a drive to the central valley for another day’s event.  But just as we thought we were losing “daylight” this happened…. well it happened about 7 times (but no one has to know that).

Daylight is on the new album Economy due out 11.1.11.

  1. kerrynz11 said:

    Nice one John, but if you were heading all the way to LA, you could have stayed on the plane until you got here in New Zealand. I would have found a nice quiet street and the whole thing could have been shot in one take! Hope you get down here some day! Great song.

  2. TMZ said:

    Living just outside LA and having walked down that street, I found this video especially awesome. Loved all the people passing by, each with their own unique lifestories entering/leaving the frame. Just an intense incredible thought.

  3. Mark said:

    I’m from LA, and that street definitely looks like LA, at least the popular LA/Hollywood that people who visit see.

    Some other cool spots that you might have used could have been Third Street Promenade (Santa Monica), LAX, Olveras Street, or (this might have been the coolest) the Union Station. Just some recommendations for next time you are out here shooting something.

  4. Okay, so do you miss NC much? Anytime I leave, I miss this gorgeous state. It’s getting cool again (at least a little). Time for the leaves to change. YOu need to come back home and play in Concord NC!

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