To write “authentic” sounding songs, I think one must be intentionally unintentional,   because in order to sound “authentic” you might have to allow yourself to be “authentic”. This isn’t a difficult thing to do… technically.  Being “real” may actually be the easiest thing in the world because most of us are, in fact, real people.  I think the difficult part is being honest with yourself about how you really feel, and mustering the courage to do it out loud.

  1. roesve said:

    definitely agree with that thought, being authentic is being who you really are inside and outside

  2. Kinda like the way you are with your friends hanging out compared to how you choose to interact with God and people at church. Transparency seems so scary but it’s really nice cause there is no more show.

  3. This is the journey that takes real courage,especially for creative people.”Authentic” is such a trendy word in some circles right now,but it carries such a huge concept.It would seem like it would be easy to be real,since we are real people, but it is often a struggle.Seeing what you have done with sharing music that is full of uncommon words and metaphors is so inspiring.

  4. Aaron said:

    “…and mustering the courage to do it out loud.”

    And then making it rhyme at least once or twice.

  5. Andrew said:

    What if we desire to be real, with ourselves and each other, but fear we have forgotten who we are. When I think of things I like or enjoy, I find myself wondering if I actually enjoy said “thing”, or if I just want people to think I enjoy it. Along those lines.

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