All Blog and No Bite: Part 2

My buddy Jason Windsor just tweeted this and I loved it so much I decided to make it a blog:

“You’re addicted to inspiration. You consume it but do nothing. You’ve been inspired enough for a lifetime; it’s time to go make something.”

The world starts making sense when you stop dreaming and start swinging the hammer.  Whether it’s with your drinking buddies at the Thirsty Beaver or at family church on Sunday morning, nothing you talk about means anything if you aren’t willing actually do something.  Stop high fiving and go do something.  It’s scary but it’s what you were born for.

  1. Thanks for that! It’s a lot more easier to write an impassioned blog post or hide behind a pulpit (been guilty of both) than put hands and feet to our theology….

  2. Ralph W said:

    It’s what divides those who do from those who don’t.

  3. dave swanson said:

    love this post, so very true

  4. Such a good word, but also something you don’t always realize/grasp until after you’ve gotten out and your hands have begun to get dirty. Once you start doing though, it’s near impossible to quench the thirst and stop.

  5. cliff said:

    (Mar 13:34) For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch.

  6. Reminds me of Solomon in Ecclesiastes 5:7 that much dreaming and many words are meaningless. And Paul where he says that without love his words are an annoying sound, clanking of cymbals. Good word.

  7. are we dreamers? or are we dancers? thats the real question.. 😛

    • Priscilla said:

      Well said…

  8. This is too perfect for the moment I find myself experiencing right now. I have a 200+ page leather journal full of inspiring thoughts and ideas. There are quote,notes from teachings and podcast,song lyrics(including some of my favorite JMM lyrics) and the documentation of some of the memorable moments of the past year,like the birth of my first son. I’ve collected so much inspiration. I spend most of my days doing just that. I consume a lot more than I create and I’m tired of it.I decided to spend the next 40+ days(while I wait for my new custom made journal to arrive) reading and acting on the things I’ve already written and collected. I don’t want to fill another journal with pretty dreams or the actions of others. I want to live the story I was designed for. I want to create and perform the music that is in me. It really can’t wait any longer. Thanks for the push this morning….

  9. Mona said:

    I’ve sat on bar stools, been a leader of worship, and for 30 years, talked about becoming ME! In the end, I was just on this journey to become ME.
    I am now painting, assembling with my hands; creating works of ART because that is who I am.
    I thank you for the confirmation today, to follow my heart, and not be distracted by those things that say I cannot do this. I CAN, and WILL.
    BTW………Happy New Baby, Daddy!!
    Love, Mona in VT

  10. Sarah said:

    watch this…get get out there and do something!

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