all blog and no bite

As you’ve noticed, I haven’t spent a lot of time here at the Promenade blog. This is for several reasons.

1. Twitter: Too often I realize that out of 100 words there may be only one good sentence. So in those cases I just twitter.
2. Life is busy. We’ve been on the road for 8 weeks out of the last 3 months. Not great internet connections and not a lot of brain cells left after the long drives and feats of human accomplishment that are our shows.
3. I get a little tired of people arguing about details: theology, music, politics etc… when too often they miss the primary point of a blog. I know it’s the nature of the internet, but it does deter many good blog idea. Boo. Haters.
4. Mostly I’ve been in a “show” don’t “tell” type of space lately. This is a good thing. I want to live life more than I blog about it. I want to write songs. Play shows. Love people. Take risks. And not just talk about it. Those of you who know me know I’m never short on words, but I want to be a person of action not just a person who talks (or types). I want a bark and a bite. But mostly I want a bite!
Grrrrrrr. Love you all. I’ll try to get back to this blog in a minute now that I’m off tour.

  1. bro that’s awesome! Sometimes you can take so much time to talk about what you believe that you actually don’t live it out. I can spend my life finding new ways to talk about love, but until I go out and love somebody, I’ve done no great thing.
    Check out We’re a collective of artists who are excited about connecting art to justice and compassion groups like Love 146 or Charity Water. Check it out. I’d love to get you involved.

  2. BillyHarlanWiginton said:


  3. I love you man! You always know the most amazing ways to say things. You are a huge inspiration for my and my friends/church.

  4. well what is the big news??? you better take a breath because there isn’t much time before the 7 tour starts. we almost had your show in KC and it went back and forth but bummed we couldn’t make it work. love your songs, love Carbon Ribs and Skeleton Bones, love your heart. peace bro

  5. Kenneth Brooks said:

    Good stuff!

  6. STL said:

    I agree about doing rather than just talking. The same goes for TV, I think–get out and actually DO things rather than just watching other people doing them. Think for yourself (not you, I mean “oneself”) rather than just parroting what all the talkers think (usually seen on TV or the web). Live as genuinely as you can rather than imitating everything. Not that I do that all the time, but those are directions in which I desire to move…

  7. Enjoy yourself! Look forward to hearing about what you’ve been up to when lift quiets down/

  8. I love this so much…. Totally supportive of your non-blogging. If God is moving… keep it up! I’ll check frequently to make sure you haven’t posted anything!!

  9. blah.\\\ said:


  10. I so agree! I think that all of us could use a little more bite and a lot (especially for me….) less bite. Life is so meant to be lived, not talked about.
    Thanks for posting! Have a lovely rest of the day.

  11. a good reminder, thanks for sharing. hope you settle into the rhythm of bitey and not just bloggey days.. you’ve got a heart of gold for this intention. we can all follow suit!

  12. Keep at it, man. Your readers will still be here.

    In the meantime, here’s a song inspired by “Death in His Grave.” Maybe get the creative juices flowing or something.

  13. jeramy said:

    i’m with you dude. that’s the new motto….bite….not blog. perfect!

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