Which One Shoud I Print?

One of these will be a tour print we’ll be selling on the road for the next couple of weeks out west.  Which one should it be?

The Organ or the Trees?

  1. Garrett said:

    I personally like the first one best. It’s not to much, simple and clean. I dig it.

  2. Brian Hobson said:

    The organ. Without question.

  3. Eli said:

    I say the organ. Frankly, it makes me more excited to go…that’s why. That’s a good enough reason for me to choose it!

  4. Casey Groover said:

    The organ is pretty cool!

  5. Chris Hauser said:

    Organ. has some tree like substance in the background. So – win-win.

  6. richardceekay said:

    half and half if possible? If not, I’d say trees kinda make sense for this tour… not sure why.

  7. Hannah said:

    the organ speaks more of live music and gathering around the music maker, but there’s something about those lofty trees. i’m voting for those.

  8. Doug said:

    Organ. Definitely.

  9. gakale said:

    The organ looks exciting.

  10. I’m digging the organ. For anyone who sees it, and doesn’t happen to know what it is about, will see the organ and know that music is more than likely involved.

  11. Blue said:

    definitely the organ.

  12. Jared said:

    trees. organ would be great without the trash bag in the background.

  13. Alex Matthews said:


  14. dave swanson said:

    the organ

  15. David said:

    The trees for sure.

  16. Jake Glover said:


  17. Whichever one says “Mighty Raucous Evening”, I’m not that much of a fan of either one tbh.

  18. Becky said:

    The Trees. Everyone who takes pics of the band and/or their friends at concert, can attach them to poster and display.

  19. My suggestion is the organ, as trees were a visual for the artwork on your last album.

  20. Alexa said:

    The organ. It’s more visually interesting.

  21. Alison said:

    Organ for sure

  22. Nick McCosker said:

    They both look good but definitely the trees. It works better with the artwork plus the tree theme is kinda your thing.

  23. Rachel said:

    the trees!

  24. ilana said:

    i say trees. my husband says organ.

  25. Jared said:

    trees, methinks.

  26. Trees for sure. Organ shot is sweet but is a disconnect from the tirle. Keep up the awesome work!!

  27. Mark said:

    I think the trees. It reminds me of yosemite, an amazing place.

    If it is at all absolutely possible, you have to go to yosemite park in california, it’s beautiful. Go to vernal falls, and half dome if your brave enough. The scenery is amazing.

  28. Mindy said:

    Organ because it looks more mightily raucous.
    I think of the trees as calm and peaceful, not so much raucous-y 😉

  29. Sara said:


  30. dave said:

    me too . . . raucous organ. trees seem more of a disconnect to me.

  31. Simon Lillard said:

    i was in attendance for the mighty raucous evening in chattanooga tn; it’s too bad that you’ve only been able to print these just now for the west coast leg. could you make them available online, even if only for a limited time? i’d love to buy one to commemorate that incredible evening with y’all.

  32. Don’t worry Simon, I’ll put them up on the webstore after the tour is over.


  33. Tim said:

    I second dave on the organ.

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