New Music Weigh In

It appeared to be a promising Spring for new music form bands that have been past favorites.  Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket, and Death Cab For Cutie all put out albums.  Bon Iver’s new one has been streaming on NPR.  Have these albums lived up to your expectations? I’m really enjoying some of them.  Any other good albums this spring?

  1. dpaulad said:


  2. matreames said:

    I have been listening to Daniel Bashta, Jake Hamilton, Matt Reed this week. All three are good.

  3. A lot of the releases for record store day were pretty fantastic, including the dB’s 7″, Ryan Adams Double-Record 7″. Other than that, you hit the nail on the head, for sure. Now, let’s just get yours in independent record stores on LP, por favor?

  4. Jesse Baker said:

    Have you checked out The Apache Relay’s “American Nomad” yet? They’re a young Nashville band that’s gotten in cahoots with Mumford, O.C.M.S., and some of the rest of the nu-folk scene. Pretty quality rookie album.

    Also, you’ve probably heard them, but the Civil Wars’ album is relatively new, the Decemberists’ “King is Dead,” and Noah and the Whale’s “Last Night on Earth.” Those are all solid albums, and I think they’ve all come out this year if I’m not mistaken.

    Helplessness Blues has absolutely stolen the show for me so far though.

  5. James Vincent McMorrow – Early in the Morning – “Bonus Edition”. It’s more on the tail end of this past winter, but still a great Album at that.

    • absolutely amazing album. JVM & JMM should collab.

  6. Michael said:

    MMJ album is a good follow up. theyre not MMJ of old any more no more extended jams and solos, but its good, i really like Wanna Freak Out.

    Bon Ivers album is pretty awsome
    Death Cab’s is my favorite album of theirs.
    Arctic Monkeys-Suck it and See. Its a great album i think.

  7. I tweeted you, but in case they were lost:

    Pas Neos
    Explosions in the Sky

  8. Death Cab, Explosions In The Sky, and Manchester Orchestra’s are my favs so far. Great music year so far! Looking forward to your new one!

  9. Adam said:

    All of these are excellent additions to any collection but I would also suggest the new Manchester Orchestra record, Simple Math. A really amazing third record from a talented young band.

    • joshua. said:

      I was about to suggest this… Simple Math by Manchester and the new Fleet Foxes are my FAVORITES so far. It appears to be a very good year.

  10. 2011 has been unreal so far, as far as new music goes, i’ve been digging a ton, so bear with me:

    The Wonder Years — “Suburbia I’ve Given You My All, and Now I’m Nothing” (
    Fireworks — “Gospel” (
    Twin Atlantic — “Free” (
    Thursday — “No Devolucion” (
    Silverstein — “Rescue”
    Emery — “We Do What We Want”
    Lower Than Atlantis — “World Record” (
    Yellowcard — “When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes” (
    Frank Turner — “England, Keep My Bones” (
    The Swellers — “Good for Me”

    and as always, i’ve been jamming Fences self-titled debut out late last year (

    Peace out dude, can’t wait to hangout on the 5th.

  11. Sarah Jorosz – Follow Me Down
    Stars – The Bedroom Demos

  12. I agree with Jesse!
    The Apache Relay are really great, and not just because I am friends with one of the band members either!
    They are extremely talented young musicians! Definitely recommend them!

    • Mark said:

      Dude, this stuff is good. Thanks for posting!


    • Mary said:

      Loving this album!

  13. Nik said:

    “The Beggar Folk” self titled is really good.

  14. Ryan Foglesong said:

    David Bazan – “Strange Negotiations” devastatingly good
    Danger Mouse/Daniele Luppi/Jack White/Norah Jones – “Rome”
    Broken Bells – Meyrin Fields EP
    City and Colour – “Little Hell”

  15. Like A Child said:

    It didn’t come out this spring, but a good one from late last year is “Circus Of Love” by Benjamin Dunn and Friends. “Taylorsville” by Margolnick is really good. “King of Limbs” by Radiohead. “Shine A Light – EP” and “Wide Awake – Sample” by Ted Rastatter are some awesome ones by an unknown Springfield, Ohio local. Check it out. Blessings!

  16. Sean Pomory said:

    I gotta say, Hillsong United’s album, AFTERMATH, is fantastic. It is filled with creativity while still holding true to the Gospel.

  17. Fleet Foxes is great! So is the new Bobn Iver album. But another great record that released in Feb right before the spring was The Civil Wars “Barton Hollow”. Check it out if you haven’t. I highly recommend it.

  18. Danya said:

    I’ve been digging this new band called Givers that just released their first full-length album, titled “In Light.” It’s really up-beat, indie, folk-rock type stuff, but the vocals have this accent to them that almost seems reminiscent of light reggae to me. Both male and female vocals always makes the sound a bit more interesting as well.

  19. I agree on the Apache Relay. Even the album cover is sweet.
    The new Ben Harper is great. I dont know how he manages to change his sound so much from record to record.
    Listening the Hawkboy for the first time right now. so refreshing.
    Also really like Not One is Upright, God is not a Watchmaker….
    Please, please please make the medicine available on vinyl for those of us that cant make it to one of your shows…
    any chance?

  20. Andrew said:

    And imagine dragons! Those guys are so mint! Their ep “it’s time” came out in march so good!

  21. Mark said:

    Amazing Albums You should listen to:
    1) Marcus Foster’s new EP
    2) Valley Maker (Austin Crane) [on bandcamp]
    3) Nathaniel Rateliff”s new album
    4) Ben Howard- Old Pine EP (he’s offering free live tracks on his site)
    5) United Pursuit’s- Live at the Banks House

  22. Mark said:

    I forgot to mention:
    Birds Fled from me- Deeper Lurking. this is from 2009, but I just found it, and it’s wonderful.
    Joe Purdy

  23. Andrew said:

    I really dug the new Cold War Kids album, Know Hope Collective’s album, and Jonathan Jones’s newest release

  24. Zion said:

    Ascend the Hill’s release, “Hymns”.

  25. Steve-o said:

    Sons and Daughters did a live set with relevant magazine that what pretty awesome. It was super stripped down with just an acoustic, Rhodes, cello and voices.

  26. Yeah that Sons and daughters was very awesome

  27. Joshua said:

    Chloe Leavers “All These Things” EP

  28. Lana said:

    Josh Garrels just came out with a new album today. He is offering he entire thing for free download, not sure for how long. I’m very excited about it. Get it here

    Other good stuff: Breathe Owl Breathe, Barnaby Bright, Songs of Water. I’ve recently discovered something new (to me) called Listener; very different, but inspiring. Check this out:

  29. coreygarrett said:

    The new Burlap to Cashmere single is out and rockin from their upcoming album (July). Eddie Vedder’s new Ukulele Songs. Would it be wrong to mention Coldplay’s Every Teardrop?

  30. biff said:

    All that you’ve mentioned is great stuff. This year seems like the year of subtleties. These albums creep up on you and after many listens you realize how great they are. Last year The National, Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens and The Black Keys just hit me over the head Love at first listen instantly. This year Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Radiohead, Cold war kids have been like the kid who gets into the water gradually immersing himself little by little rather that diving in head first. I dig both ways and am enjoying this years offering of music. The new Danger Mouse, Norah Jones, Jack White affair is a very good listen.
    I wrote a review of the Fleet Foxes @
    Thanks for all you do.

  31. Bob said:

    Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Company of thieves, foster the people and memory tapes. All of them are great.

  32. David said:

    Have you heard James Vincent McMorrow’s album yet?

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