“death in his grave” how to play w/ chord chart

Here’s a chord chart: deathinhisgrave-lead

Due to the overwhelming response to my commentary on the song “Death In His Grave”, I’ve decided to post this little how-to video with a chord chart.

I like to play the song with a capo on the second fret and use a “C” voicing where the key is in “D” but I chord like I’m playing in “C”.  I think it gives the song an older voicing which I personally like.  For example the verse chords would technically be D A Bm G but with capo on the 2nd fret, I would play them like they were C G Am F etc…


  1. Chris Nicholson said:

    Thanks for this John. Most artists don’t do this as much as they should and I think part of being a worship leader is doing what you can to equip those other worship leaders to do good work and this can be a beautiful part of that. Thanks.

  2. Laura said:

    Thanks so much!! When I first got this CD I didn’t even get through the whole thing ’cause I got stuck on this song. I just kept hitting back over and over. Also I was late for work. But it made me love Jesus more..

    Thanks for everything 🙂

  3. Brenda said:

    My 25 year old daughter died in a car wreck this past week. Today I returned to church and they played oh how he loves us. One of my favorite songs but now has additional meaning as I knew the story behind it. I just wanted to let you know that it ministered to me and thank you.

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