1. Scott said:

    Modern day Keith Green

  2. Mindy said:

    Beautiful song… and I love the Oregon coast too 🙂

  3. Adam said:

    Beautiful, I love the lyrics…the music…the complex simplicity.

  4. sarachoe said:

    love the helsers. &i need to get on buying the early admin ticket for your show in VA.

    and then…you and the helsers need to get together. that would be “a really raucous ruckus”.

  5. sarachoe said:

    i mean, tour together.

  6. Jacob said:

    This is a great song.

    Hey, John Mark, I have two questions:

    1. Is there any way to buy your older albums?

    2. Is there any chance of you coming to California?

  7. Beautiful! If this is ever available with chords for worship singing, I would so love to have it!

  8. Tony Brooks said:

    It must be the beard that does it. That’s what does it. Definitely. Note to self: Grow big shaggy, scraggly beard.

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