1. ben said:

    awesome – whats the name of that instrument where he hits the strings with those sticks?

  2. Dan C said:

    Hammered Dulcimer.

  3. Paul said:

    hammered dulcimer

  4. It’s the hammerdulcimer – Great instrument – Great Video! 🙂 love it!

  5. Boxcarriot said:

    I understand this isnt a “religious performance” but i just want to comment that I imagine worship to be this innovative and free spirited. In my experience the worship band predominantly consists of drums bass guitar and keyboard. The challenge would be that it doesn’t become a performance where the audience is just staring at the musicians but rather a communal experience in which they all participate in the music, somehow.

  6. Dan C said:

    I think JM2 put this up on his blog for that very reason. It definitely inspires me!

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