Your last chance for vinyl!

These are the last of the special vinyl records I sold on the road last year.  This may be your last chance to get one.  There are  3 of them, each with songs from “The Medicine” and “Song Inside The Sounds”.  I only have a few hundred left and after this pre-sale they will all be gone.  We will inevitably print a new vinyl for the next album but these guys with songs from the medicine and song inside the sounds will be gone.  ( I sound like I’m on QVC or something)

If you want one, you have to buy a presale ticket to one of these shows (while supplies last).  If you want a presale ticket you have to first register the facebook event as “attending”.

click a link to the facebook event near your city:

Charlotte, NC march 10

Carrboro, NC march 11

Nashville, TN march 15

Atlanta, GA march 18

Jacksonvile, FL march 19

Cincinnati, OH april 8

Cleveland, OH april 10

New York City april 12 (just added!)

Philadelphia, PA april 15

Vienna, VA april 16

  1. If only you had a show in Texas on that list!

    • Seriously- I mean I understand not coming all the way down to San Antonio but I’d drive to Dallas, Houston, Austin or wherever in Texas if you had a show there.

      • Danya moore said:

        I third this notion. Last time I wasn’t able to go due to school, but with my light load this time around, I could probably make it out.

  2. Wanessa Neri said:

    Brazil, plz!

  3. Thomas said:

    and a trip to Norway!

  4. Matt Templeton said:

    Is that Willie in the background? What song?

  5. Mary said:

    Hello, Canada????

  6. Matt Templeton said:

    I hear it now…. “The Maker”?

  7. Erin Williams said:

    All I wanted for Christmas was to see JMM in concert and I would love that vinyl as a cherry on top but no Texas dates 😦 Come to North Texas

  8. Chad said:

    If I still lived in DFW, I’d be disappointed like the other Texans. Seeing as I live in Atlanta now, I’m enjoying an entire gallon of boomsauce…

  9. Mike said:

    Any chance this is volume 1? I have Volumes 2 and 3, but I need Volume 1.

  10. Kevin Stover said:

    Hey, I was just wondering if there was any news about the show in Chattanooga, TN?

  11. Bryce Leggett said:

    Man I really hoped you would have had a west coast show. I would have drove the 300 miles to Oregon even..

  12. Gustavo said:

    Please dont ignore this post!
    ive tried to contact someone about this, ive followed your music since a while ago but i moved to mexico, im EXTREMLY interested in buying one!! please please, if you could contact me or someone so i can send a paypal or check with whatever price the tickets have, i dont want to miss out on this opportunity just cuz im not there, please someone help me up!

  13. Mark said:

    A show in Los Angeles would be pretty awesome. Just saying.

  14. Patricia said:

    Los Angeles, CA would be really nice!

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