Full Circle

Tonight some friends stopped by GAT3 studios here in Charlotte where our record is coming swiftly to a close.  They came by to sing. Beautiful voices.  It felt like Christmas.

GAT3 has been an amazing place to work.  Sweet people, killer vibe, and over the top gear.  But the coolest part is that it’s only 100 yards from the building where I learned how to sing and where I played my first songs.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I would finish this project here, at a time in my life when I’m struggling to get back to something I once believed in.  No matter how far  I go, the church at Presly Road will always haunt my dreams.  I found something in that building that I will always desire to experience again, and no matter how cynical I’m tempted to become,  it will never let me go.

I think I’ve come full circle. Round 2.  Lets go.

  1. jkennis said:

    You say you found something there that you will always desire to experience again…and I can really relate. However, I’m beginning to learn how important it is not to search for a certain feeling again…because that might never happen, and then I might be disappointed for the rest of my life because I never experience “that” particular feeling again. Sometimes you have to let an experience go in order to undergo a totally different, but equally as awesome one. There’s nothing wrong with treasuring that experience… but don’t let a new one pass you by, either.

    Can’t wait to hear the new album 🙂

  2. littleraven said:

    Hey Mr. Lastnight, I was reading between the lines. I discovered a word that caused me to think about the unspoken agonies stretching on your insides. SHIGIONOTH…..Habakkuks ache and plea….the tension of the time….rearranging truth on the walls of turmoil with a rusty nail….your ramblings push me past into that which I cannot yet see…watching the Promise on my unsteady limb…your words like breath draw me, closer to HIM

  3. “I think I’ve come full circle. Round 2. Lets go”

    Thanks for posting this. I just moved and stepped into a ministry position in the same area that I learned how to minister years ago as a teenager. I was just thinking the other day how I feel like God has completed a full circle in my life and is launching me into the next one. I haven’t sorted all of the significance out yet, but I never want it let me go.

    I also am excited about the album.

    Blessings buddy

  4. jeramy said:

    good post john. i am also super excited for your new record. but, your sentiment about getting back to something that you once believed in really resonates with me. i think if you’ve been around church world long enough…this becomes true. i’m in that spot, but what i keep coming back to is loving the stuff that god loves….and for me, that means his people….which coincidentally is the same thing that usually turns me off. so it’s a process for me…maybe other folks too. either way, just wanted you to know that i get it.

  5. Elysse C. said:

    God is teaching me to be honest. It’s absolutely freeing. It makes me feel uncomfortable and vulnerable at first but there’s nothing more joyful and wonderful than feeling like a kid with God because that’s how I feel when I admit I don’t know everything. And when I admit who I really am and let God love me. And the things you say and talk about, no matter the subject, encourage me in that. Just wanted to say that. (OrmaybeyoucouldcometourinArizonaandIcouldtellyouthattoyourface) 😉

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