A Mighty Raucous Evening…

My spring tour is called  “A Mighty Raucous Evening with John Mark McMillan and Friends”

What is a “Raucous Evening”?

Well, pretty much what it sounds like:  A disturbance. In this case mostly loud music.

Who are my friends?

Well… you are my friends.  Plus I have some surprises.

The point of the tour is to bring together different worlds that we don’t think are so different.  Most importantly we don’t want to sing at you, we want to sing with you.  Yeah it’s a show, but I think we would all be  disappointed if it was just a show. Wink Wink. You know what I mean?

We’re purposely playing a lot of small venues, so we expect to sell out most of these shows.  A good way to make sure you get a ticket is to register for the pre-sale! kind of like a pre-pre-sale I guess.

To register for the pre-sale tickets and get a limited edition autographed vinyl record, just go to the corresponding Facebook Event page and click the “I’m Attending” button.

It’s that easy.

Then on January 19th you will be notified of the option to purchase the premium ticket/vinyl record before the general public.

Here are the dates we’ve confirmed (more on the way):

Charlotte, NC march 10

Carrboro, NC march 11

Greenville, SC march 13 (Just Added!)

Nashville, TN march 16

Atlanta, GA march 18

Jacksonvile, FL march 19

Chicago, IL april 7 (Just Added!)

Cincinnati, OH april 8

Cleveland, OH april 10

New York City april 12 (Just Added!)

Philadelphia, PA april 15

Vienna, VA april 16

More cities including Texas and West Coast to be added shortly!

Note: Ruckus is a noun.  Raucous is an adjective.

  1. Will Price said:

    So ready for the tour. Signed up today and I cant wait.

  2. Bryce Leggett said:

    I don’t have a facebook.. If you post any venues for WA is there anyway I can get a presale spot?

    • For some reason the Facebook event page isn’t opening up for me. Could you tell me the name of it and I could just search for it? Thanks!

  3. brad said:

    Coming any closer to Tampa?

    • juan jose said:

      im from ecuador and im going to tampa for working and vacations (feb-may), so pleeease go to tampa!

  4. @Bryce unfortunately you have to have a facebook for the presale.

    @seth I just fixed it.

    @brad I’m not sure.

  5. monafrye said:


  6. Marni said:

    I am hoping to be able to make it here in Charlotte! Sounds like it will be an amazing time! 🙂

  7. Tulsa is pretty close to Texas. And the Cain’s Ballroom is a historic, cool place to play. I’m just sayin’… And we can get pretty raucous here in T-Town, too…

  8. Marco! said:

    Any chance we can get a april 9 date in Columbus OH (right between cincy and cleveland)
    I can help set up something

  9. alex said:

    see you in nashville

  10. Matthias Daenzer said:

    when do you come to europe? Specially to Switzerland?

  11. Donna Woodward said:

    Congratulations on the tour, great idea, great blessings to all. Will be looking for the CA venues. My guess is you will hit the LA area, I’m just an hour away, will be there!

  12. Derek said:

    Wish you could make it back to Eau Claire, WI again. I really appreciated you and your band in October of this past year – you opend for (and showed up) Jeremy Camp ;).

  13. Anthony said:

    so by, west, would you possibly mean Albuquerque?

  14. Nadine said:

    I don’t want to be one of those people who writes annoying requests of cities to visit, but can you PLEASE come to Vancouver, Canada? I will make sure that the venue is sold out! It would be amazing.

  15. Shelly Harp said:

    Any chance for Dalhart or Amarillo, TX? I missed you this last year when you were @ More Church. Would love another chance to listen and worship w/ your band (from the audience of course). God speaks deeply through your lyrics and music, my brother. My family and I enjoy every moment. Continue to press in tight and He will continue to pour in and out of you.

  16. For those of us who live in cities not a part of your tour; is there a way we can pre-order your album now, or do we have to wait til’ the 19th? TheJohnMark.com isn’t working…

  17. Amanda Garcia said:

    Visit us in San Antonio,Tx

  18. Emery said:

    See you in Nashville!

  19. heidi said:

    Austin, Waco, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston… I will drive to any and (possibly) all of these!!!

  20. Brett said:

    Michigan wants to partake in the ruckus! Particularly Ann Arbor.

  21. Courtney A said:

    So excited for this tour and I hope to see you when you come to the West coast!! I really enjoyed the show you played with Gungor several months back in Longview, WA and I look forward to another amazing show soon!

    Will the pre-sale vinyls be available for the W. Coast dates as well?

  22. Scott said:

    I second Brett – Michigan. I was thinking west side of the state, but I’d go to Ann Arbor a Raucous Evening.

  23. South Louisiana! Come on, dude, you won’t find food like ours anywhere else. Hammond, LA in particular, because it’s close to both New Orleans and Baton Rouge, as well as some of Mississippi. Bring it!

  24. Eric said:


  25. Would love to host you in Fayetteville, NC @ Clliffdale Christian Center! If any dates are available we will work it out on or end.

  26. PLEASE come to somewhere in the upper midwest. Like the Varsity Theatre in Minneapolis… you are the best.

  27. Adam said:

    PHOENIX!!!!!! AZ!!!!!! – You need to come!!!!

  28. Arnom said:

    venham para o brasil, gostamos muito de sua musica e unçao
    você precisam vir em sao paulo
    que Deus abençoe vocês

  29. Arnom said:

    hello, john
    Come to Brazil, we love your music and anointing
    you need to come in sao paulo
    God bless you

  30. Randy said:

    Hey John, saw you at The Call 07 in Nashville. Headed to the southern USA any. Alabama, Mississippi?

  31. Let us know if you are going to make it to Oklahoma this tour!

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