Game Face

Time to put my game face back on.  Tracking resumes in the morning and we only have 2 weeks to wrap up the new album. We’ll finish here in Charlotte, then mix it next month in New York.  I’m pleased with all the work we’ve accomplished, and I have tons of faith in my team.  Still, I’m not going to lie, I always have to deal with these nagging thoughts in the back of my head.  The ones that say “This is it. This is the one that is going to be a total bomb and send you back to waiting tables.”  I never just expect that people are going to automatically love what we do.

If this seems really insecure it’s because it is.  Still,  I think this is probably the best place to be right now. The day you have it figured out may be the day you’re done.  I certainly don’t have anything figured out.  I just know that we are pursuing the sounds that make us feel the way we want to feel, and at no point can we afford to turn on auto pilot.

Will this album will be different than the last one?  It should be.  Right?  We’re 3 years older now.  We’re listening to different music, and we have different things to say.  Plus, as proud as I am of The Medicine, I don’t see any reason to record the same album twice.  So what will it sound like?  Shoot…I don’t know.  I do know that we aren’t trying to make any “singles”.  We never have.  It’s not like anything we do stands much of a chance on the radio.  Besides, they’re all singles in my book.  Whatever.

The insecurity is raging, but the creativity is “on 11”.  I’m nervous but hopeful and can’t wait to leak some of this stuff.  So stay tuned.  The album rolls out in September.  It’s a long time to wait but we will try and release something before this album is totally dated.

  1. Griffin said:

    so excited for the new album!

  2. Gustavo said:

    We all ar waiting with great hopes for the new album, you are not alone brother, maybe you here it too often but i say it with honesty, you have people that share those hopes and fears here in mexico. and we love your music. creativity and Truth will never disappoint anyone who loves it.

  3. Sergio Caballero said:

    John Mark, your heart for worship blows my mind, in awe not of simple human creativity but of the heart and creativity God has given you. Though I am not a music writer, or artists, this line inspires me, “I do know that we aren’t trying to make any “singles”. We never have.” As a worshiper, offering God an inner song that is worthy to glorify His name, reading that line inspires me to sing an inner song in my heart for the King, with no hopes of ever recording it or singing it to the crowds. All I want is to worship God in Spirit and Truth. To me, your claim speaks volumes. It speaks of the nature which music should nurture, especially in the hearts of artists. Music shouldn’t a venue to enrich one’s pockets or create the next hit single that will be “overplayed” at radio stations. But music should be a tool to glorify God and be honest and raw with God, something The Medicine surpassed in accomplishing, quite humbly and spiritually. Thank Mr. McMillan for writing music for God and for people, music that reaches into the depths of the heart and stimulates a conversation between human and God.

    Blessings to you, your family and your team.

  4. Neal E. said:

    Appreciate your honesty bro…hey if you need a break in NYC let me know that’s my neck of the woods!

  5. Crysty said:

    I love your stuff. My husband and I listen to all your cd’s when we take road trips. Even if you never have a “single” on the radio….you have ministered to us. Staying true to the message and sound that God has given you is way better than the radio anyway….and insecurity is just part of being an artist. Keep it up…can’t wait to hear the new cd…

  6. Adrian G said:

    The music you release always blows my mind… It takes God, Jesus, and “religion” out of the box and in your face. Your lyrics are amazing and I can’t wait to hear what God has to say thru this next album.

  7. Jason said:

    Thank you for your honesty and transparency!

    It’s great to feel/know like i’m not alone in walking the lines of insecurity.

  8. Will Price said:

    John, I just want to take the time to tell you this. You are truly gifted. Not only in music, but through gospel. This is what we need. You take worship to a new level, and for that I thank you. You’ve inspired me as a musician and as a worshiper. Thank you.

  9. Joshua said:

    There have only been 4 artists that I automatically love everything they ever put out.

    One of them, Derek Webb, kind of lost me with Stockholm Syndrome.

    The second, Sandra McCracken, just gets better and better.

    The third is Johnny Cash. I will say no more.

    The fourth? Well, according to your post, I will have to wait until September, but thus far, things are looking up.


    • Mona said:

      Amen brother. It’s that simple. Amen.

  10. Chad said:

    I’ll tell you a GREAT way to leak some new material. Come to Atlanta and do a couple of gigs… 😉

  11. David Libeert said:

    Hey John, just want to say that I recently bought The Medecine and I absolutely love it! Soooooooo genuine!! And great sound!
    I greet you all the way from Belgium!
    God bless you and your family!

  12. terrence said:

    I’m so excited for this new album and I’m glad you are sharing the thoughts and feelings involved in making it. The Medicine is on my all-time favorite lists. I am so happy that you take the craft seriously and you create different language for us to use in worship. Your songs help me walk in the world better and bow in worship more easily. We are all praying with you and for you.

  13. yiann said:

    just wanted to say as encouragement (kind of) that i know about 50 people in the bay area and berkeley that, like me, really love your music! but most of them prefer to get it illegally, i’m sorry to say. but i accidentally bought your music twice, which kind of makes up for it! oh well it’s supposed to be encouraging to know we all love your music. i think you’re close to a genius lyricist and musician, and i never thought i’d like any music close to folk until i heard you, mumford & sons, and bon iver.

  14. Jeremy said:

    Very excited! I’m still milking in The Medicine for all it’s worth because on certain days certain phrases speak to me in a different way than it did before.

    Dude, you guys rock.

  15. Ari said:

    Just wanted to say your honesty and insecurity are what sets your music apart. The vulnerable lyrics and sounds relate to people in those most raw places that we all try so hard to conceal. It’s a rare thing to find music so raw and honest that it challenges and stretches you beyond the tangible, then breathes life that encourages.

  16. jeramy said:

    as an artist…i think this is the best explanation i’ve ever heard for this emotion. good stuff dude.

  17. keith said:

    I’ll buy it. It’ll be great.

  18. Steven Petersen said:

    Love you, John Mark.

  19. Nick McCosker said:

    I cannot wait to buy this album. I play the medicine heaps and love all the songs on it. I also have been telling everyone I know about you in Australia. I cant wait to see how your music has changed and grown in the next album. Im getting married this Saturday and ‘I dreamed there was a fountain’ is one of the songs we are using in the service.
    Thanks for the music dude.

  20. Will Price said:

    Im so pumped for the Charlotte show.

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