real love is real hard

If you think that loving people is easy, then maybe you don’t love anyone.  Or maybe you just haven’t had the chance.

I feel like I’ve written a whole album’s worth of material about this over the last couple years.  Not sure when or how I’ll release it.  People don’t seem to want to hear this kind of stuff.  These songs are my favorite songs to write though.  I’m not sure why we prefer to sing about infatuation.  I guess it’s simpler and more appealing to the impulse buyer.  Or maybe it’s because people are looking for an escape from reality as apposed involving themselves in any sort of conversation about reality.  I don’t know.  I listen to “Teenage Dream” as loud as the next guy when it comes on the radio… and I’m cool with that I guess.


  1. Jordan said:

    I’m 16. I play music. I want to write music. I really like what you write and how you play it. Your album title Inside The Sounds Of Breaking Down is a song itself. Those six words get me thinking about what happens when I’m breaking down and how there is really a power of love behind it all.
    Please don’t ever stop writing like you do.

  2. true. The whole ‘love your neighbor’ is simple, but not easy. It’s easier to revel in our own grace than extend it 2 others.

  3. the part that’s hardest for me i guess is to actually distinguish between loving someone and liking them. being raised in church it’s easy to say i love you but in reality i just like you. the moment you get on my nerves you are out of sight out of mind. and i want to blame my cynicism for that but it’s a choice and I’ve made the choice to protect my emotions than to actually care about someone. there are so few places that i believe we can take an honest look at ourselves than when the earphones are in and music and words begin to capture us and remind us of our place and who we’re supposed to be.

  4. I think the world needs to hear more music as honest as the music you write. It is really hard to find.

  5. Rachael said:

    “people dont seem to want to hear this kind of stuff” -_- thats not true in the slightest, im so tierd of every song being about the same thing, and if your writing from the heart then i’m sure it will be something “people” should want to hear (: loved all your songs so far…. no reason these one won’t be as amazing

  6. Chad said:

    Indeed. My wife wrote down this quote from Francis Chan in Crazy Love:

    “I need God to help me love God. If I need His help to love Him, a perfect being, I definitely need His help to love others.”

    Truly loving people can be extremely difficult… which makes His love for us all the more astounding.

  7. CalebOz said:

    Looking forward to hearing it.

  8. David said:

    I’d love to hear your artful insight on the subject…it’s something I’m trying to understand myself. All the Best, David

  9. hollyet said:

    makes me think of a line in a cs lewis poem,
    love is hard as nails.

  10. David said:

    I’d buy that album … make it happen.

  11. Steve said:

    The 5- and 7-year-old daughters of our college group pastor were overheard talking about the little boy that lived 2 doors away, using language they had learned from their college-age babysitters:
    7 year-old: “Do you love him love him naturally, or do you love him with the Love of the Lord?”
    5 year old: “What’s the difference?”
    7 year old: When you love him naturally, that means you really like him. When you love him with the Love of the Lord, that means you hate his guts.”

  12. Trey said:

    If love were easy, I don’t think we would write songs about it that we didn’t play for others (at least yet). I do think that music can help us work through difficult things to hopefully make them easier. How may songs do you know that when they come on they take you to a moment? It’s what artists do, help people understand the understandable and explain the unexplainable.

  13. Tom Prothero said:

    Interesting post John. Don’t suppose you’d be willing to share a lyrical example of how you might express this? Just a taster…would love to read that.

  14. Graciela said:

    Dont ever say that “People don’t seem to want to hear this kind of stuff” we care and we want your music Im one of those that i cant live without listening to you,its like the air to my life
    I believe in love even when at the moment all seem so blury and lost Im in love but he decided to leave me,don’t want anything to do with me,he wants someone else,I know I made mistakes but I’m still here ,loving, caring when everything is just lost,I still believe in love.
    Your music gives me hopes ,makes me smile when all I want is cry,your music is the light I need right now in this darkness that I am .
    Thank you John you are more than an exceptional artist you are a human being with an amazing heart.

  15. Hello! I was at the Charlotte Rukus. Just wanted you to know I loved the last song you guys did, the 2nd one after the encore. I think it’s new. I can’t wait to hear more of it, and to see the lyrics and think on the words I was hearing … hope and dreams that have been long lost, but coming back like light or morning? Speaks to me.

    Also, I liked the addition of Andrew. Thumbs up to him.

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