Monday’s a bummer

No matter how cool your job is, it’s slow movin’ on a Monday, especially when a huge part of what you do requires being inspired.   Guitars and soundboards don’t always seem so exciting after an epic city weekend with the wife and baby boy.

We went to the Atlanta aquarium yesterday morning.  After a solid sunday afternoon nap we went to see a movie in Midtown.  We stepped out of the theatre into a snow flurry.  The soft city lights danced through ten-thousand wind-whipped flakes as we leapt down the Atlantic station promenade to keep warm.  An elated baby child on my shoulders squealed with glee into the deserted streets of urban Georgia.  The air was cold and electric.  Like breathing in Christmas.

This morning at the hotel I kissed them goodbye and they rolled back to Charlotte town leaving me with cold guitars, preamps, cables, and compressors.  Sigh… Lets make a record.

  1. Andy Squyres said:

    So good JM. I could feel the joy. Nothing better than wife and kid(s). The downside isn’t bad either…

  2. Andy said:

    That’s as real as it gets in the business, I appreciate your loyalty to what you love despite the drawbacks!

  3. Thad Pittman said:

    Hey John,

    I left my wife and two munchkins to go to a much duller job than yours this AM. That’s probably no consolation, but that’s all I got. Looking forward to the new record.

  4. Man, that must be tough. Be encouraged, though! Your music ministers to all the hearts, found and lost, that listen to it!

    Thanks for life-engaging worship!

    Bryce Sheehan

  5. Jeremy said:

    I have no idea how you feel, but I know that your music has encouraged me in more ways than one. Your work is greatly appreciated. Keep going.

  6. laura said:

    wow, even a super cool dude that makes music feels that way? for real, just brings a true perspective that no matter what it is we do it can become monotonous and the day in day out wears on everyone’s soul. glam or not. thank for sharing.

  7. Jessica said:

    Hey John, just curious, my sister loves your music. I want to buy her The Medicine for Christmas but there seems to be a problem with your site, namely that it doesn’t exist anymore. I’d rather buy the album straight from you than Amazon. Any suggestions? Thanks 🙂

  8. richard said:

    Nice post! I was going to comment on your last video when you were recordning and and say it was documentation of a dude who enjoys what he does. Saying “enjoying” seemed broad though, so I didn’t know what to say… it didn’t count times like this or times of an array of distractions, included with enjoying what you do. Move on ahead.

  9. It is hard to be inspired to do much of anything on Monday. They seem to go so very slow and they are either way to busy or way to boring. It seems there is no in-between! I hope your Tuesday is going so much better and I am glad you got to spend the weekend with your family!!

  10. Gustavo said:

    You should really come to Mexico, we would love to have you in our church

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