1. chad said:

    dude…..a trainwreck? thats awesome.

  2. Scott said:

    1st pic your brings up some very important questions: is the train set fully functional, and what are the trophies for?

  3. Steve said:

    Hey John, What fender were you playing at Resound in Boulder last month? – it was a sunburst fender something along the lines of a jazzmaster or jagmaster…some of the mods threw me off from the floor to call it for sureSteve @ patterson216

  4. Damyne said:

    What is that bass drum being mic'd with? It looks like speaker parts…

    • Jason said:

      Speaker parts are a sub-kick. Basically feed the kick sound back into a 8″ woofer and reverse the polarity of the sends. Feed it back into the board with a direct box. Captures the low end very well. Great for live use too.

  5. bcmatt said:

    So, what's the name on that Rocket? Is it written on the back of the chassis? Is it owned by you, borrowed, or rented? I love the Trainwrecks, despite the fact that'll I'll likely never play a real Ken Fischer one. I built myself a Liverpool though, and it is my main/fav amp.

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