they don’t make’m like this any more

The ability to genuinely connect with a person’s heart and draw them into a real-time conversation with God seems to have become a dying art form. It’s just not something you can learn at a conference or program into your set. It comes from a deep well and is cultivated over years. That means it’s time consuming and expensive. Maybe that’s why it’s become so rare. Our cheap and easy “just add water” worship programs probably serve a purpose, but I can’t help but wish there were more people like this guy on the planet.

Something about this video takes me back to a time when I was less cynical. I hope one day I can make music that does the same thing for people.

  1. kcampos said:

    No worship leader has had more influence on me than this man. And Palanquin is an incredible album that most have not heard.

  2. Ryan said:

    Hear his work with Heidi baker from last year? Another honest, "less cynical" collection of songs from the gathering they led. Watching this reminded me to go back and listen to Kevin's music again. Thanks.

  3. Erin said:

    It makes me sad that true, heartfelt worship doesn't fit into the cookie-cutter mold that the church-world has made for it. I wish it were more like this video, too. And FYI…God has done amazing things in my heart through your music. If you keep doing what you, and Kevin Prosch keeps doing what he does, then maybe ya'll can be an example of what worship really looks like.

  4. Best worship CD EVER! It's raw and real!

  5. R said:

    You already do make music that moves the heart …thank you for that.

  6. NMadison said:

    Right on bro. Remember when? Let's go there again 🙂 Shed the skin of years and be a child… ahhhh simple.

  7. For probably 3-4 months this year, "How He Loves" was one of only 3 songs that I could worship God with and mean it and feel every single word that I was singing. I know that you've said that it wasn't supposed to be a worship song, but for me, through every single difficult time that I've been through so far, it is a worship song. So you've succeeded with me (and that means a whole lot to me.)And the song that you posted…quite good.

  8. Keith said:

    You do the same, bro (that's two "bros" in a row). Keep up the great work.

  9. Kevin is the Elvis of worship……give us the strength to look for the cloudless sky lord!!!

  10. Adam said:

    Kevin's life parrallel's that of King David in an almost uncanny way. Some private mistakes were made public, but you cannot doubt the anointing of God on his life and ministry. He has influenced well known artists to seek after God (like yourself and Matt Redman) across genrations and genres and that is quite a legacy. I was fortunate to have he and my dad good friends back in the day and his influence of worship has greatly impacted my own life. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Sierra said:

    and yet at the same time you can listen to the black peppercorns and realize so much more about his heart and it gives hope that you can be hurting and broken and have hard "why" questions and still have this expression of love for Jesus … as far as the cynical thing goes.

  12. I've always thought of Kevin as a modern day David. So real. So burdened. So loved. I love seeing this. I want to make music like this too! I love how real it is.

  13. It is amazing how when they cut to the crowds even the small children are mesmerized.

  14. wvsam said:

    I grew up listening to Kevin when I was a kid. Then was introduced to you Freshman year of college. Kevin's music is a lot more raw but I feel like God uses your music with the same depth and power. Keep doing what you're doing!

  15. </3 I want to be touched by God and I want to touch Him but I don't know how to… I'm starving for Him and it's sad because I'm with the body of Christ a lot of my time. It shouldn't be like this but I don't know how to get out. I feel like a dead man walking too much of the time…

  16. My hubby and I first heard you on the radio, but we were AMAZED at your live sound in concert in Rochester, MN last night! After the first 5 seconds of your singing, we looked at each other and said "Wow!" at the same time. We were floored. So raw and real. Sadly, that's not something you get everyday in the church. God has blessed you with music that reaches down deep into the soul…it almost feels primal, touching something vulnerable. Thank you!

  17. Wow both discovered you guys independently! and found your worship equally as heartbreaking, maybe your less cynical than you think(:

  18. I am a music leader at my church and I really want to sing 'death in his grave' because I really love the song but I have a question about a line in the lyrics. I was wondering if I could ask you, the writer about it. If you check this regularly and have the time please shoot me an email at

  19. I strongly believe that genuine worship in its purest form, in its most heart to heart, honest, raw, break your heart form is two things. It's either simple or complex, none of the other stuff inbetween. Atleast this is true for me, I think this because if I meditate on Hillsong which is so simple, i'm brought to tears, and whenever i hear the more complex more poetic like you and kevin prosch i'm brought to tears. I think there the two faces of god he's so complex yet so simple. These are the two most "real" forms of worship when you try to make people hear the sound of your own breaking heart and then when you just take a simple concept from scripture and meditate on it. Both are real and both are beautiful.

  20. Wilby said:

    "they don't make'm like this any more"I'm sorry to say but… LIES!!They totally do!Johnathan David Helser! That dude blows me away!I watched this clip on youtube with some friends and we were just blown away in this one part.'s an artistic worship event in the church I think… One part where just everyone just goes mental! They just start dancing and going crazy and just the definition of ABANDONED! Was so convicting and refreshing to see.Also… I do believe that God is making them like this again. I believe he's raising up people with hearts much like this mans I rekon. And I do honestly believe you have had many moments just like this…Your music wrecks me. Yup.I like it… I like Jesus in it.Yup.The End.

  21. Virginia Bagley said:

    A favorite of mine.
    I love how it’s not about us and what great things we’re doing…. which would seem like a no-brainer but sadly it’s become quite prevalent.

  22. Gustavo Acero said:

    It is a sincere call to arms and to question ourselves what are we truly doing,
    im part of a worship team in Cuernavaca, Mexico and I realize we try so hard to worship like others do around the world, wether in America or in Australia we cover songs from other artists and fall into the “do it like they do it” ..”if it worked for Hillsong or a big church then you got it brother” …but i believe it goes deeper than that, we recently made a song and i dont think there is any other worship song that speaks to us as strong as it because it is the story of our testimony, of our life. i had never heard of this man you posted but now that i see its a great encouragement to be sincere about our worship with music, to make it out of the heart and not out of a DVD or the need to be like someone else.. a great reminder of how authentic this calling is..
    thank you man.

  23. kellie said:

    jeff and i were just talking about this recently. the ‘comes from a deep well and is cultivated over years’ part.

  24. I wonder when worship became a time for us to connect with Father, instead of a time to honor/ give something to him. I know it can just become a wordplay, but we have a tendency to make everything about ourselves and I think sincere music & craftsmanship as a sign of worship has taken a huge hit.

  25. Elena said:

    I know this is one of your older posts, but I think it’s where my comment is most appropriate…

    I just finished blogging about your Philly show last night (4.15.2011): “yes, i admire and respect the man immensely–as an artist, a worshiper, a human being. yes, his lyrics are fanfreakingtabulous, and they inspire me to write, speak, live with the same transparent passion that he brings to the table. and yes, the man can rock a guitar like no other, and his voice is insanely awesome. that being said: there is more to him. he makes music that i engage with and, when that happens, i end up engaging with God; his songs allow me to experience the One that i’m worshiping.”

    You DO make music that connects hearts to God; I can fully attest to that. And I just wanted you to know that.

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