1. ol' Drew just knew where the heartbeat of a nation lies. Within its artists. The heartbeat makers. The songwriters. The true artist, not here for fame, and whether starving or not, will most always be the most realistic representation of a community and a country. I also think he was saying that no matter who is in charge, he wants what's behind the songs even more than the songs.

  2. Johnnie said:

    music inspires while law, by nature, restricts. People respond to inspiration more than restriction. I agree with Mr Fletcher.

  3. We completely under-estimate the power that God has placed in music; It's ability to change an individual, an atmosphere, or as Fletcher was so bold to say, a nation. I believe your song, and your story of Stephen, packed with the limitless power of God, will change a nation. I say that not to tickle an ego, but because when I first heard the story, it stirred something in me so fierce, and inspired me to further the Kingdom of God even more than I was before. He is a God of covenant, and will keep the covenant Stephen made in his final hours.

  4. yeah! art inspires! It comes from within, its organic, it moves. Most of the time when I am hit by truth or love it is by seeing it through the eyes of another artist, its that unique angle of communication full of emotion/history/love/tension that will find its audience and begin movement. The songs of a nation are from the collective heart and are much more than statements written on parchment. boom:) good quote man!

  5. Steve said:

    Maybe he was only visiting…..

  6. I think of the songs as being like the new covenant, the laws as the old covenant. – Isn't freedom and passion and "the heart" so much more interesting and special? The songs of a nation are the authenticity of a nation.

  7. Jason said:

    Music changes generations – laws don't

  8. Stephen said:

    Laws influence actions.Songs change hearts.

  9. Jesus taught us that it's what's inside us- our hearts, minds, souls – that truly speaks about who we are. I believe Fletcher is saying the same kind of thing. My frustration is that our 24 hr news-cycle culture focuses on politics – law making – and not culture making

  10. Abigail said:

    If you want me to say things I'd never say on my own… teach me a song about it.If you want me to be comfortable with dangerous ideas… sing me a song about it.If you want me to change my morals… write me a song about it.Broca's area is the part of the brain that deals with rational thought in the words that we speak. When we sing, this area is bypassed… but we're still saying the words. Rationality plays a much lesser role, but our thinking is still influenced. Songs are more powerful than laws when it comes to behavior change.

  11. Corey said:

    The abstract and inclusive nature of musical expression is, in my opinion, one of the best human forms of communicating the wonder of Christ's grace, which flies in the face of law. If law has taught my heart anything, it teaches me gratitude for grace.

  12. There is a reason that, when a regime attempts to take over a country, it is the poets and songwriters that are the first to be targeted. They have the power to change hearts. All other power is secondary.

  13. gompers said:

    Hey John, I'm a new fan and a worship leader here in NC. Your album The Medicine has been inspiring me daily since I got it a month ago. I'm totally hooked into the music and the lyrics are pressing me to lead my church in songs that have more lyrical depth. Thank you. I know this isn't germane to this post but I had to get this out there where you might read it.Thank you.

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