1. Chris said:

    Hey, when are you coming to Phoenix?

  2. Jason said:

    I think my favorite line from the song is from the bridge- "he has cheated Hell and seated us above the fall". How we SO deserve the fall, but God's love and mercy, and Jesus' sacrifice have allowed us life and liberty. Hallelujah.Thanks for sharing this song.

  3. I love you dude, but that was less a tutorial of how to play the song and more of "here's the first chord and now I'm going to play the song" Just saying, if the point of the video is to help less advanced players learn the song who can't figure it out in their own why not actually show them all the chords they need to play. Love the album. You inspire me to write more honestly. But maybe it might be more useful execute the "how to" videos a bit more fully to help the beginners out there. Thanks

  4. Lianne said:

    Thank you, thank you for this. This song ressonates deeply.

  5. I agree with Joshua…I'm chuckling to myself because I watched the video thinking "oh wow, he explains how to play the song". Then by the end of it I was thinking "but…not really!" It's such a great song and I just love your heart and vision, but…maybe not so much the tutorial of how to play the song. 🙂

  6. Graham said:

    What is James' guitar tuned to for the slide guitar?

  7. John G said:

    Could anyone possibly share the basic electric slide part? We're going to play this at our church in a week and I'd love to have a head start on that beautiful slide part.What string is it mainly played on?Thanks so much. God bless

  8. Ryan said:

    hey i love the song, i would really like to know what the first verse means though, "Though the earth cried out for blood, satisfied her hunger was, billows calmed on raging seas for the souls of men she craved"thanks!

  9. Jacob said:

    If this helps anyone, I'm fairly certain the chord progression through virtually the entire song isD A B GNow there could be some minors or different shapes, etc. but I'm just a humble bass player and don't know much about chords.(Oops, look like someone already posted a link)

  10. Mark said:

    John, If I may ask, why does the song say, ‘on friday a thief’?

    Jesus was not accused of stealing. That line just doesn’t seem right.


  11. @Mark Jesus was treated like a thief. He was crucified between 2 thieves.

  12. @Ryan. The earth is where the body goes when we die. So the grave represents death. I wanted to paint a picture of the ground of the earth, which often represents sin and the spirit of the world, as being this blood hungry type that finally tasted the blood of Jesus and was satisfied. “She” no longer needed to devour the souls of men because Jesus blood satisfied her demand. Jesus paid the “wages of sin” for us once and for all. His body was places into the ground for us so that (though our bodies still technically go into the ground) our souls would never have to exist “below the earth” as they would without of the sacrifice of Christ.

    Half parable, half poetry…

  13. Caleb said:

    Could James do a video on how he plays “death in his grave” with the slide and his pedal settings?

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