Lyric Of The Week

The lyric of this week is a whole song by one of my favorite writers. It’s called “Tumbling Ground” by Kevin Prosch as recorded by Kevin and the Black Peppercorns for the album also titled “Tumbling Ground”. I recently re-purchased this album when I played at Keven’s Music Coope Festival this summer (the CD had been stolen from my car some years ago). I’ve been listening to it again and its even better than I remembered it to be.

I couldn’t pick just one line so I had to go with the whole song.

Tumbling ground

Trying to find a place where I can hide away
In the fountain of youth inside my mind
Where old age can never find me
Please excuse me, I’m not doing well today
Trying to hide so desperately the darkness of my soul
I’m an outworn heart in a time worn out
I feel like I’m failing
I’m being tossed about
There’s a hole in my trampoline
I’m falling down

And friendless near a thousand friends I stand
Who didn’t have a crumb of comfort
Not even a grain
You were all too busy with my praise
The distances of loneliness how long they seem to be
Almost perfect nearly true we want to keep
I can hardly ever say my prayers
Nor can I count a Bead,
Does that mean that I am failing
They say that I am weak
And the soil of my sufferings sucked my childhood dry
Never grew the leaves of healing
Will I be left to die?

On God’s rough, tumbling ground, falling down
On God’s rough, tumbling ground, falling down
Falling down

Am I a prophet or a vagabond?
I am a father, not a commandant
And I grieve for the loss of all the prodicals
And fatherless near ten thousand fathers I stand
A broken little boy with a promise in his hand
Did you see the crown my momma crowned me with?
For he that made me bitter, he also made me wise
though I wrestled for the blessing
there was no love for me to find
and the world’s more full of weeping
and I can never understand
I’m in the place again
where the heart gives up its dead

There is a place where tears fall but they make no sound
On God’s rough, tumbling ground, falling down
there is a place where tears fall but make no sound
On God’s rough, tumbling ground, falling down

The only way to get this album is here as a physical disc.

  1. wow. just reading it made me twist up with emotion. nice choice.

  2. Owen said:

    Hey, question. Could you maybe one day post a how-to for playing setting suns… or even a chord sheet? Working on figuring it out but am frustrated at the moment not being able to pick the exact right chords. That would be McAwesome. Thanks

  3. Kellie said:

    i love love love this album! i was looking for it the other day and couldn't find it. i need to repurchase!! thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  4. It's funny I've been listening to this song a bit over the last few weeks- Tumbling Ground reminds me I'm not going mental but that God has a purpose in the suffering. Even after 15 years it's still got the goods

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