1. I was going to purchase a copy of The Medicine on iTunes but on the UK iTunes store it doesn't include the videos. Any idea if these will be added to the UK store or are they US only?

  2. Hello John, you don't know me but I may or maynot have woken up with eager anticipation at 7:30 this morning to purchase The Medicine…and I am not disappointed in the least :]

  3. I had it preordered and was able to download it last night. I had the original, but I love the new tracks. You guys did a great job with the songs from Hope Anthology!

  4. I'm in the same boat as dreamless-blood. LOVE the new album, but the vids etc. aren't available on the Australia Store, and when I switch the the US store can only buy them with the album. Are you making them available anywhere else? The digital booklet too – I'd love the lyrics 🙂

  5. jyeh said:

    Just wanted to say…I am EXTREMELY excited to buy your CD right now 🙂 I wanted to get the special edition before your CD came out and pre-order but budget-wise, this will have to do. I am a huge fan of your music…especially when I'm spending time with the Lord. Your music speaks in a very heartfelt and genuine way. Thank you…thank you for being the vessel of honor that God created you to be. Praise the Lord!

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