1. Dan said:

    Na na na na, boo boo

  2. rgood said:

    Mythical Legends unite forming a most epic super group.

  3. Tom said:

    Epic has never been so Epic.

  4. Tim said:

    John Mark's revelation . . . pay no attention to that unicorn behind the curtain!

  5. can words fully describe such a wondrous sight? i think not. yet here is my feeble attempt: king john the centaur runs victorious amongst the shadows of former, and lesser, rock idols. also, there's a unicorn. hahaha, this serioulsy made my day. thank you for being awesome. lol.

  6. And the winner of the "Blind Designers Award" for the "Album Covers" category goes to…

  7. George said:

    If a picture tells a thousand words, then call this the "Definitive Essay on Rock n' Roll".

  8. beth said:

    “…and through the storm I beheld a beast like a horned-horse coming from out of the eastern sea driving the eagle before it. And lo, the flannel-clad king-man-horse appeared explosively from out of the ancient, fictitious pyramid. In his right hand he held the augmented & diminished chords and in his left hand were arpeggios and Aristoxenian modes. And he took captive the high priests of power balladry and for 7 times 7 days they were imprisoned by a disembodied hand behind the red curtain of rehab along with a fallen angel of glam rock where he hath slumbered with smoldering gazes in wait for equestrian freedom. And also a cardinal.” (posting for husband Jerry)

  9. "No, Aunt Em, this was a real, truly live place. And I remember that some of it wasn't very nice – but most of it was beautiful.But just the same, all I kept saying to everybody was, 'I want to go home!' And they sent me home.Doesn't anybody believe me?"Of course we believe you, John Mark.

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