Lyric Of The Week

“She Loves You”, From the Gaslight Anthem

And If all was well
And your heart could find the words
Would we be for better baby
Would we be for worse
And if there was a way
To navigate your seas
If tonight my true love
Did belong to me

If you don’t think its awesome, go hear it in context.

  1. I just downloaded this song yesterday and I love it. It has such an awesome sound and I love the lead singers voice.

  2. It's a really interesting song. Don't know if I fully grasp the meaning but I like that… I like when a song has to unfold over and over in order to reveal what's inside. This chorus is powerful. I heard these guys on one of the late night shows and I dig their punk sound.Thanks for sharing this!

  3. htur said:

    ah, the gaslight anthem makes me happy :)well… as happy as their music goes, anyway. he went through a divorce but remarried, so he's got quite a bit to write about. seriously amazing band.

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