The Medicine Album Releases on July 6? An Explanation

The Medicine Album drops on July 6, 2010! (If you come hear me at Creation East, you can get it a couple days earlier.)

The reason I decided to re-release this album on a record label, is because I thought The Medicine deserved a shot at a national audience. I’m proud of the work we did, and the songs I wrote. It took me 3 years to write it and I hated the idea of the world not getting a proper chance to hear these songs before I moved on with the label. Besides, I was a long way from having a new album’s worth of material ready. It would have been summer of 2011 before i had a new one. I’m a slow writer.

I realize this is a little confusing for many of you who don’t understand (or care) about how music business works, but the truth is, most people have never even heard these songs.

Aside from one minor tweak on one song, the album has not been remixed or remastered. The only real difference is that this new version has 4 more tracks than the original plus video. I have included these new recordings to give people who already have the medicine album something new.

The Medicine (2010 Deluxe Edition) :

Reckoning Day
The Medicine
Skeleton Bones
Carbon Ribs
Dress Us Up
Death In His Grave
Belly of the Lion
Out of the Ground
Ten Thousand
Carolina Tide
My Only
Between The Cracks
How He Loves (Single Version)

For those of you who can’t wait, you can pre-order the album (and vinyl records) here.

  1. Ilan said:

    I'm sooo excited to get the new album here in Germany…that wasn't possible before!So I'm very happy about the rerelease!

  2. I am glad you are re-releasing this album – the world definitely needs to hear it. The songwriting is incredible. One of my top 3 favorite albums of all time.

  3. Robert said:

    Which song has the tweak? or will I have to find that for myself?

  4. Hi John,I'm a new fan, but a big fan. Question for you, and maybe you've answered this somewhere already:Why release on a Christian label? When I listen to your music I hear a perfect storm of Son Volt, Old97s, VoL, Jay Farrar, Richard Buckner, and My Morning Jacket. And that's not to say the sound is entirely derivative – it's unique and stands among those artists as an equal.Love the lyrics too – Christian but not cliche… like Mark Heard or Bill Mallonee. Loving the tunes, looking fwd to more.

  5. Which song has the tweak? or will I have to find that for myself?? (+1)I really want to hear the new songs

  6. Oh, and as long as you don't release as many versions as VoL did of Audible Sigh, we're all good. 😉

  7. I've been listening to your stuff for a while now and playing it in our church. I still have Hope Anthology and glad to see a couple from that album on the re-release of The Medicine. I went on Integrity's site and previewed the 2 songs and really interested to hear what the new versions sound like compared to the old. Definitely will be pre-ordering it. Glad to see you with Integrity and what you've been doing with them. Love the tutorials and all. So thanks for what you're doing. You've impacted more lives than you know.

  8. Emery said:

    I'd buy the whole album to get Between the Cracks….

  9. Is there going to be a way to get just the new releases if you already have the album from before?

  10. Kellie said:

    really looking forward to the new songs.

  11. Sam said:

    i can't wait until july 6th! release it earlier! please…!

  12. Congrats – the medecine sure does deserve a wider audience

  13. YAY! i could never buy it in california. i never thought i would like this kind of music (often christian music is usually generic in every way, not well done, bad rock…) but a lot of people i know who i wouldn't have thought would like folkish music like it..from churches in berkeley, LA, redding, san jose, and santa cruz… thanks so much for being a really good lyricist and musician!! and spirit filled!

  14. Arnom said:

    you guys need to come to Brazil
    the staff is very fond of you and your music
    I saw you guys in the fire and glory I think in 2006, along with the dan duke

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