Show of Hands : Should I Let My Beard Get Huge?

We’ll be touring out west for almost a month and I was thinking about not trimming my beard at all. Infact I was thinking about establishing a no shaving policy for the whole band while we’re on the road. But I leave it up to you. You vote. Should we grow them huge this tour? Yay or Nay?

  1. yay! Beards are beautiful. and since you're with @loswhit, i guess bald is beautiful too…

  2. A thousand times yes. And perhaps rock a mullet to match.

  3. Nate said:

    I say yay. As long as its only for tour. Big beards can definitely go too far.

  4. tdurbs said:

    Don't shave. I'm 10-months into growing my yeard and it was a great decision.

  5. Show of Hands : Should I Let My Beard Get Huge?No, you shouldnt. =)

  6. Absolutely! That is what any real "wear their hearts on their sleeves" band would do… I really don't see an option here. Plus, I believe that you've already made up your mind to do it!

  7. Cliff said:

    I vote yey! Do keep in mind, however, that as you get into summer, the beard may become a bit of a nuisance.

  8. EL Moon said:

    I say grow it but the trimming around the edges is what makes it look so much less like a homeless begger on the street type look.

  9. Deidre said:

    Doesn't Shae have a ridiculously long head start? Still love the idea.

  10. Duane said:

    Nay. I say you all go for GQ instead. Over-grown beards are becoming a bit too predictable!

  11. cm said:

    Get some Warren Ellis into you

  12. real men have beards. choose your own adventure John.

  13. Jared said:

    Yay. I can't believe there would even be a question.

  14. whats the wife say? Nay big beard and checked shirt, you'd disappear in the crowd.

  15. Jon said:

    Yes. Absolutely. Grow 'em long so people will think your a ZZ Top cover band.

  16. ….Grow for itthat was a horrible punbut I'm really excited to see you on the 3rd

  17. In the words of someone from Underoath – "Grow a beard and be somebody."I vote YAY

  18. I'd say even asking means you want to! Do it! I just wish Portland was closer to the end of the tour now

  19. You know the kind of dirty hippie Jesus loving folk that follow you sir! Something tells me you just want us all to say yay to convince your wife that you had to do it for the fans… Mmm?Ha, in any case. YAY! The Beard. A sensation I will never know, thus I always encourage my peers to embrace their manly privileges.

  20. I agree with my man josh cotterino. No shaving for any of you.

  21. Jason said:

    at least shave the neck part. have some self-respect. and please- come back to san antonio.

  22. Scott said:

    Let' er Grow…..shave the head….Instead….

  23. Dina said:

    DO IT!i would if i could!

  24. yes and come to TN so we can see… the chattanoogapart, or even asheville nc, ill drive.

  25. J.M. said:

    Go rugged for the road.It's been hard for me to find faithful music that I can call a work of art. Your blog has been helpful. Please keep blogging. It is much appreciated.P.S.You've recently been added to my list of likes. I am impatiently awaiting the release of "The Medicine."

  26. charles said:

    for sure, man.i heard a rumour you were supposed to play in eastern wa but i don't see it on your tour schedule, which is a total bummer. me and a couple of like minded dudes are going to be in portland the day you're playing there, but we're seeing mumford & sons that night. if you need a guide to the city that day, give me a shout. it'd be our pleasure to show you some western hospitality.

  27. HECK NO. i mean, you can, but i wouldn't make everyone do it…unless you want my hubs to look like a hispanic teenager. please and thank you.

  28. This can be your "I Walk the Line" moment. Grow the beard for those of us that can't. Wear the beard for those who got shorted by the genetic stick. Who lack a great mustache rich and thick.So, yes, my vote is let it grow.

  29. Steve-o said:

    consider it from this side. If you grow a gnarly beard I think you'd be protecting yourself on the road from temptation. All the girls would be pretty much turned off by the Logger look. Unless you played in mountain towns.

  30. Tori said:

    Yes to keep the beard.

  31. anbeard said:

    aye!i took a "no-shave vow" for my wife's entire pregnancy. yes, 9 months… no trimming even. it was crazy. crazy-awesome.

  32. Big Beards are always the best policy. I am a firm believer in the great bearded holidays like No Shave November, Don't Shave December, Just Grow A Beard January (sometimes called JaBEARDjewary), Furry February, and Manly March. And for the real men there is always THE YEAR OF BEARD. Yes, 365 days committed to growing your beard. I have heard legends of men being able to cut down redwoods with one swing of an ax and eat entire mountains of pancakes. ….plus Old Testament law says DO NOT trim the corners of your beard. No wonder why the Psalmist said he loved the laws of God!

  33. Ryan said:

    two hands held high in approval!

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