One of the most interesting bands in worhship music

I really enjoy Gungor. I think these guys are one of the most interesting bands in worship music right now, and they’re making some super legit music. We’re touring with them this spring and it might be epic…. I’m just sayin’.

  1. When will the tour dates be posted? Are you coming to Cali?

  2. Jason said:

    Wow. These guys (and lady) are magnificently creative and unique.

  3. Ryan said:

    Love Gungor! Please come to Northern VA/DC!!!!!

  4. Danya said:

    Gungor is awesome. I think they have a lot of great things to say you don't normally hear in most worship bands. I so wish I could make it to one of the shows when you both go on tour, because I have no doubt it will be completely epic.

  5. Riles said:

    what is that a wood chuck @ the end? haha….great message!!!

  6. Sue W. said:

    I totally had a chance to see them, and I didn't go! Draw circle on wall, bang head here.

  7. Gungor and JMM together?????? WHEN AND WHERE MAN WHEN AND WHERE????? I don't care if it's close or not I got vacation time coming, and gas money saved up……

  8. It's encouraging to see bands following a creative path, which is sometimes the harder path. In the 90's "alternative" music with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, et al became very popular and broke through barriers. Could it be possible that the more creative artists could break through the CCM barrier? I hold no judgement against CCM but simply feel the need to "sell 100k copies" and have hit singles can stifle creativity, no matter how well intended the artists and labels may be.

  9. Okay, I don't want to be the one to point it out, but…"worhsip". Sorry to be the jerk here.But other than that, I completely agree with this post. The movement of the Spirit through Michael Gungor's worship band at a youth conference I attended at 16 definitely influenced my heart to draw near to the Lord for the first time.

  10. Jim said:

    She was just pointing out the misspelling in the title, not saying they weren't a worship band – they're just not a "worhsip" band. :o)

  11. Scott said:

    She just means that you spelled "worship" wrong on the title of the post.And yeah this stuff sounds good.

  12. de*rek said:

    Wow! These guys are great. Thanks for sharing. Needless to say, I am buying this.

  13. Tour dates? I'm pumped. I love me some JMM and Gungor.

  14. All this questioning and honesty and fight and messiness… just makes me happy 🙂 Thanks bro.

  15. Oh and Emily was pointing out a typo in your blog title…

  16. Northern California… just a thought. But seriously if you came in a 200 mile radius of Sacramento (more or less) I would definitely be there.

  17. I'd love to make it to one of the shows on this tour. JMM and Gungor are at the top of my list of favorite artists right now.

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