How He Loves Video

We used to play the song for hours at a time and each time we would see how much louder we could play the chorus. We broke a lot of strings and drum heads. We were a mess but it was a beautiful one.

I love this version of the song because it makes me feel the way I did when I first wrote it seven years ago.

You get the entire video for free when you buy “Skeleton Bones” on iTunes for $1.29.

  1. I like this video a lot. Really captures the energy of the song, and like you said, I really like this version.From the looks of it, this video was just a part of a longer performance. Any chance we'll get to see a full-length DVD of a JMM concert? I would definitely buy it.

  2. EVAN said:

    love the video!! Reminds me of some great moves of God during worship with this song at the head. Love it!

  3. Yamin said:

    hey, really want to buy it but it doesn't work in Switzerland? =(

  4. I am getting chills watching this. Consider it done and bought.

  5. "excellent"- a la bill & ted.keep on creating bro.

  6. Thiago said:

    the chills and the tears! it's a pity i can't buy it from outside US as well.

  7. thomas said:

    Oh! Man!! I can't buy it on iTunes US… can you sell it through the iTunes Brazil?

  8. dukes said:

    John, will Integrity be releasing the latest album on Zune Marketplace?

  9. David said:

    There's something in my spirit that moves when i see this video, wow, just.. amazing.Blessings from Mexico.

  10. Keith said:

    I can't buy this from outer space. Can you make it available on iTunes Intergalactic?

  11. incredible. we play this song for hours too. thanks for writing it.

  12. Just wanted to say – after seeing you in San Antonio tonight (I was Sean, one of the last to catch you during Robbie's set), I'm so excited to see what the Lord is doing with your songs and your story. I've been a fan for a little while (2005), and it truly touches my heart to see the Lord take How He Loves and carry it to countless voices and lives.So when will we hear details on the new album? Is it s a remaster of the original album, or is it a mix of older albums? We talking rerecording or just remastering? 🙂

  13. 642 said:

    Goosebumps! Amazing! Is there any way of buying your album from New Zealand? It's not available on Itunes here and I'm interested to know if it's possible to get some of your music (even on cd) over here.. Thanks. God bless you and have fun on the rest of your tour (wish I was there)..

  14. Derek said:

    Great video. I really love that song, and there is something really awesome about seeing people engaged in worship.

  15. Laura said:

    Two and a half years ago my dear friend and the associate pastor of our church, a young man with three beautiful children and an amazing wife by his side, died from a brain tumor. It happened quickly, none of us ever had a chance t say goodbye. Darwin was an amazing man, and he cared so deeply for the people God had given him to lead. I still think of him every day… One of the girls in the office found this song and your story. It was Darwin. He always aid he would sacrifice everything for the mission God has given us. I helpe coordinate his funeral and so many people came to know God through his life – and his death. We were serving 50 people a week at Alpha, that number almost tripled the semester following his death. This song reminds me of the man we lost and the love God shows in that.Two and a half years later I sometimes think people have forgotten. THe church got so big that only about half of the people even know who we are talking about. But in January, the church my fiance and I attend now played this song. The openning chords brought me to tears. I have been living in fear of disappointing Darwin and God this year with some choices I had to make, and God reminded me of Darwin's sacrfice, of the sacrifice He made for us too… and that so long as I remain in him. He loves us. And although my sacrfice has not been my pysical life, I have had to leave everything I knew, everything I was comfortable with, and move forward in a life with God. Some people were hurt, some people were really disappointed. But God isn't. And I am already seeing the fruit of this decision – starting all over again for the glory of God. This song is so powerful. It reaches the far corners of the world, John. God is using it in amazing ways – and you are absolutely right, it is fullfilling the prophecy of that prayer.

  16. Thomas said:

    "Mercy and truth have met together;Righteousness and peace have kissed." — Psalm 85:10I found this written in an amazon book review and thought of you. Another kiss. From another song writer. :]Let us applaud what is good. Hooray for John Mark Mcmillan! Hooray for music! Hooray for God teaching us!

  17. Charles said:

    Want to buy it in Canada itunes, but it's not there 😦

  18. Hey John,I got your album on vinyl from integrity as a gift! Was wondering when it would come out in Canada on iTunes though… Please make it happen.. soon. I appreciate your heart, your music, and how you are using it all to glorify Jesus Christ. Don't ever stop keep fighting the faith!

  19. Unfortunately the view isn't available in the UK iTunes store. Where can I get it? Thanks.

  20. Hi my name is Christiana and I was just wondering if you could help out a little bit. I’m not really sure where to start… I’m getting married December 18th 2010 at 10 am to the most wounderful man that has ever been created. The Lord painted him just for me. We have dated for about 4 years now, I knew I was going to marry him 2 weeks into dating him, I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. Before we started dating he was doing drugs, sleeping around and partying. But over the summer we worked at a Christian Camp and the guys who worked with us poured out to him and the Lord began changing him. It was the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. You could see the Lord changing him, the awe of the Lord working, and to be able to see it. Words can’t describe. And ever since then it has been one awe after the other, the Lord has blessed us so much. Now he is finishing his teaching degree at Sam Houston State University and then going to seminary to be a pastor. Being a pastor is just his thing; he has such a passion for lost and hurting people, and has a passion for truth, the truth of the Lord for the Bible. All this to say that here recently he has been learning to play the guitar (he played when he was younger) so that he can have a creative outlet while having alone time with his Jesus. So as a wedding gift I’m looking for a used guitar! A friend of ours Denbigh is going to play skeleton bones while I wash Stephen’s feet at our rehearsal dinner. He is going to play on Stephens’s guitar, and then when he is done he will give it to Stephen. Stephen loves to worship to your music, his favorite is skeleton bones. Your music makes him think and meditate and what you’re saying and what the lord is trying to say to him through your music. So I thought it would be really cool if I could somehow get you to sign the guitar I’m going to buy him. He would so have a cow and flip his lid. It would mean so much to him. I have been thinking about what to get him and a friend gave me this idea, and I thought it would be perfect, and so I’m writing to give it a try. Now I’m not sure how else to get you to sign it other than to mail it to you. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out in any way. My email is thank you for taking time to read this. And thank you for blessing my fiancé and I .

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