Meet Ana Lucia

She is my brand new custom Elliott, Peter Stroud Signature, Tone Master guitar.

There’s something about hearing a new tone, and feeling new vibration in your arms that cause the creative juices to move. This morning when I picked her up for a few minutes I swear I could hear a hundred songs in her. Ideas wouldn’t leave me alone. With me, it’s “feast or famine” when it comes to writing. I’m either working on 10 ideas or I’ve got nothing at all. This morning the 10 ideas showed up. Hopefully, I’ll have time to sit down and catch one.

I can’t help thinking, did the songs existed in her when she looked like this, just six weeks ago?

BTW, I did, in fact, name her after the chick from lost.

  1. She's gorgeous. I can't wait to hear her sing to us next time you come to Kentucky!

  2. So if the large area of the guitar's body behind the bridge could be considered the "back end", one could surmise that this particular instrument has a a lot of "booty" based on the picture above. Just sayin.

  3. Sweet-jazzmaster body with a Tele bridge…whats the scale length?

  4. Misty said:

    Just be aware that she may end up being hated by fans, having some minor psychological problems and get shot by a black dude with a propensity for screaming "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt!"

  5. I feel that way any time I get a brand new Cross pen…

  6. Love the before pic of the solid chunk of wood.

  7. Jordan said:

    i love how you answered my one question about this in the last sentence.

  8. Jeremy said:

    The fact that you named this after something that has to do with Lost is really cool. That's like my favorite TV show. haha.

  9. Even when she was in Avatar I always kept thinking of her as Ana Lucia.

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