I want to be famous…

… to this guy:

I’ve seen a sliver of success in my short 30 years. iStardom.com says I’m the 5,172nd most popular band on the internet. That’s not famous at all. But I do occasionally get recognized, and sometimes it feels good.

Do I want to be respected for my work? Absolutely. Anyone who says otherwise is either a liar, a moron, or has achieved the state of the ultimate fullness of Christ. Still, more than anything, I want to be famous at home.

There are few things in life that are as good as being a legendary dad.

  1. Chris said:

    Even the most "famous" men struggle at being fathers. That takes a whole other level of grace and mercy!

  2. Much respect John. We are only famous in our own right because of the people who came before us who set aside their fame for ours…especially our parents. I'd be nothing without the love and guidance I got from "famous" parents.

  3. robbie said:

    right on, good brother. with 3 little ones at home, lets achieve that sort of fame together! thrilled about marchtalk soon,robbie

  4. Truth said:

    Right on man. Spoken like a true dad. It's funny also how many artists … mostly in the church … are afraid of fame like it is a bad thing??? That somehow if they love God enough and spend time hanging with the Holy Spirit and they create something amazing they are supposed to hide it or downplay it so as to not be prideful when all it ends up often coming down to is false humility. If we recognize where the gift really comes from and treat the things we create as the gifts they are … that we actually get to hang out and create with the creator of everything … then when we share it with the world we are not promoting ourselves. God doesn't get glory when we hide the stuff that He is proud of or talk it down.My little five year old loves to color. She gets so excited when we color something together and wants to show it to everyone and says, "Look what daddy and I made … it's beautiful!"… and while we have made some pretty cool pieces of art together the thing that excites me as a dad is that she wants to spend time with me. In fact she loves spending time with me and what we create and produce together is a reminder of that and it is beautiful. We need to tap back into that.

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