All The Bright Lights

“AllTheBrightLights’ self-titled debut-10-track record uniquely combines this sort of moody vibe with a celestial sound that sonically spells out an underlying theme of redemption... It’s creative. It tells a story– a story of redemption. It’s addictive, but only because of the powerful divine edge that’s unashamedly holds down its foundation musically, spiritually, and creatively. AllTheBrightLights’ record will impact you, move you, and awaken your soul.”
Luke Goddard at The Blue Indian

James Duke (my guitar player /the guy who makes my music good), his brother Jon Duke, and their good friend Jacob Arnold just put out this album called “All The Bright Lights”. If you like moody vibey stuff like Sigur Ros and Explosions In the Sky, you’ll love it.

Go buy it. You’ll thank me.

ALL THE BRIGHT LIGHTS - All the Bright Lights


  1. man, it's like what would happen if Hammock had vocals. Thanks, JMMM

  2. David said:

    love what i've heard of this. funny – i made the exact same sigur ros / explosions in the sky comparison when i heard it friday. really great stuff.

  3. hollyet said:

    i know this will be good..gonna get it when i can.

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