What’s new with me in 2010?

New tours in the Spring…

New video to be released this month…

Music on vinyl (currently only for sale at live events)…

Releasing a deluxe edition of The Medicine…

New Tracks…

A New Guitar…

And a new record company…

  1. How's a girl on the west coast supposed to get some vinyl? Come over here, please!

  2. Keith said:

    Cool. What's making the deluxe edition deluxe?

  3. Deidre said:

    You inspire me to be better, more diligent. You're the perfect blend of artist and businessman.

  4. Ferg said:

    How's a guy in Ireland meant to get some vinyl!!! Any chance it could be made available for a limited time on line??

  5. Charles said:

    Is there a way for me to buy that vinyl online? I live in Canada 😦 Will the deluxe edition CD have the same tracks as the vinyl?You are amazing!

  6. Charles said:

    "forthehousemusic said… write a song about what it's like crucify a rock star"I think the beatles already did this… the ballad of John and Yoko

  7. Josh said:

    I would also like to repeat the desire for vinyl, seeing as I am in Germany at the moment and not able to make it to live events…

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