1. They revolutionized a "sound" in America. They were forerunners, releasing something new, something un-tried before. They were anointed, I believe. They had the ability to communicate what's in the hearts and souls of people. They are imporatant because they are models for great success that stemmed from great risk and rejection. I bet all these artists were told by people close to them that they would never make it. That they were waisting their time. But they pressed onto to release what was in them. And it changed music forever. If any of these men had known Jesus, and maybe they did, the world would have been listening intently to what they had to say.

  2. Andrew said:

    They are all musicians that people were almost inexplicably drawn too?

  3. Ah… they all made a specific genre of music popular to people at large

  4. they each enjoy a smackerel of narcotics either occasionally or regularly. and still, i see your point.

  5. All were Christians. . . At one point or another. Interestingly enough, it seems as though some of them were also Jewish, or affiliated loosely with Judaism. This is important in an eternal personal perspective for them.They all withstood persecution of some sort. That is what made so much of what they did beautiful. Would the resurrection have been beautiful without the cross? Neither can perfection be realized without the backdrop of chaos. They were all discontent with what they saw, and worked to change that. They saw a vision of the future, whether it was personal (Cobain), nationally (Dylan), racially (Marley), or what was considered taboo (Elvis), and pushed the boundary as far as they could.There is also the obvious counterculture each one of them produced, the political and social ramifications of which are still being felt today. Interesting study. :)What is your take?

  6. mark said:

    The most important thing….all of them had awesome hair!!!! Its important because you have to have cool hair to be a successful musician.

  7. meredith said:

    i was gonna say AWESOME hair! dang, mark beat me to it. although, some would argue Kurt's hair wasn't so much awesome, as it was greasy. but, then again, i do remember greasy hair was awesome in the 90's.also-each one was a musical fore-runner of their generation. musical geniuses.

  8. Andy said:

    They're all dead (or essentially dead).

  9. Of ALL the pictures of Elvis you choose THAT one?!?! Hhaahahahahahahahahahah…Teddy Bears?!?!?!…Hahahahahahahahaha…

  10. rkaiser said:

    They were all ambidextrous, to a degree.

  11. mrbeezus said:

    @Lauren AlexisNot trying to be a nitpicker. Why do you think these people were anointed? None of them, except maybe Mr. Dylan, were saved. Thus, unless they were anointed as vessels of God's wrath, they were not anointed in the traditional understanding of what being anointed really means.Sidenote-any true believer is anointed. You never have to seek a Godly anointing if you're saved. Anything else is most likely a gnostic charade.But, to respond to the question so this post isn't a total waste of time, these four people did what they wanted, when they wanted. They didn't let people change their music. They just did what they loved/wanted to do.

  12. 77jordan said:

    Leaders are anointed too. It just means appointed for a specific purpose. In Isaiah, Cyrus is annointed, but was a wicked ruler.Anyone who excels in a gifting is probably anointed, but not necessarily using that gifing for God's glory.

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