Independents Day

Need good new music? Here is some killer stuff you may have never heard about. All these folks are personal friends of mine and I wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t all over my iPod right now.

The Embers Some of Kentucky’s best worship music.
Mark Mathis Songwriter from my home town. He also has anew FREE EP.
Glen Yoder Great young songwriter from central Kentucky.
Public Radio One of the best bands out of Charlotte, NC right now.
Flagship Brigade Some of these guys used to be in my band. They’re probably gonna be huge.
Aaron Strumple Great songwriting. Just released a sic new EP.
Agents of Future Pretty much the most creative worship music I’ve ever heard.
Please listen/enjoy/buy their music/ give them some love from JMM.
  1. I can't seem to find a place to purchase The Embers stuff. Any suggestions?

  2. Hey John, just wanted to recommend an album to you, they just releleased it, and it's free/pay what you want. band called So Long Forgotten. Incredible record, amazing Love your new record. Brilliant. Keep up the blogging as well, it is always a joy to read your thoughts.-ben

  3. The Embers have both Male and Female lead vocals, Agents of Future have some girl vocals and flagship has a girl sometimes….

  4. The Embers are having a little problem with the name. Apparently there is another band with the same name on itunes. I imagine they'll hve t resolved soon.

  5. Fantastic recommendations… I have longed for alt country worship and independent music that speaks truth. Prayer answered.

  6. adam said:

    Glorious. Thanks for posting.

  7. Thats great budy…Thanks for posting and thanks for coming to Brazil…that God may bring you here again..and your wife too. =D You´ll are welcome here!

  8. Andy said:

    JM, where can i buy an Ember's CD? I don't do iTunes. Their "Be with me now" song is awesome.

  9. JD said:

    This Kentuckian appreciates the Kentucky love!

  10. First time to comment on your blog. I love that you mentioned Aaron Strumple. I have a hard time thinking of a more innovative songwriter in the worship realm, and the great thing about Aaron is that he would be the last person to realize that! If you haven't heard his work on Enter the Worship Circle, The Forth Circle, you need to check it out. I recommend "Trouble Won't Go" and "Too Proud."

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