In November I turn 30. No big deal. Actually it does freak me out a little. Not that 30 is old (30 isn’t really “old” at all), but it is the first mile-marker to signify the reality that ”this train don’t stop”. Meaning nothing on this planet is permanent. At least that is what it’s been for me and it’s caused quite a bit of commotion amongst many of my internal conversations this year.

In the midst of these conversations I’ve realized something: I don’t really want to be young again. I was going to write a blog about it, but this is so much better.


  1. okay, wow, we're the same age, and you are – well – really inspiring and fantastic. yeah, i think you're doing alright, buddy!

  2. This is pretty inspiring. He sounds more like a college professor more than a late night show host.

  3. Rose said:

    Refreshing. Love it love it love it. Thanks for posting.

  4. Laura said:

    haha! this is hilarious.i love it.

  5. Deidre said:

    I feel so much better, JMM. Thank you.Deidre (28 but not so sad about it anymore)

  6. lar said:

    i'd have to agree with jennycash. because she's pretty fantastic too.

  7. mark said:

    i think that you are the perfect blend of beauty and experience

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