How He Loves: chord chart and more

This is the most requested song by far. The Ironic thing is that is it also the easiest song that I’ve ever written. Here is a PDF chord chart:

  • Here are a couple different versions:
    (why haven’t more guys done this song?)

    Kim Walker

    1. hey man! Love your music. Especially your lyrics. How ’bout some help with skeleton bones? I can get the root notes but can’t seem to figure out your chord fingering to give it “that sound”. I’ve watched a vid on YouTube of it over and over but to no avail. Nick

    2. Hey. Can you put out the chord chart for Ten Thousand? That’d be great.

    3. Hey John,BTW, I did your song (How He Loves) at my sisters wedding. She and her groom never heard it before and it made them cry. So I’m a guy that has done your song.

    4. Totally dig your sound–I'll be at MorninStar for the New Year's shindig, and I was totally stoked when they added you'n'Sarah to the musicians =)I'd like to second the requests for Skeleton Bones & Ten Thousand, and add The Medicine, Carbon Ribs, Dress Us Up, and Death In His Grave to that 😉

    5. Eric said:

      hello chords to songs HELLO if you would like us to play then right and make GOD happy skeleton bones? dress us up ok loven you all eric

    6. Nate said:

      John!Man, I do How He Loves all the time at my church…it’s so awesome to see how the love of Jesus impacts people through this song.But…I really want to learn Closer. Could you up the chords/tab for that?!PeaceNate

    7. jordan said:

      i heard the kim walker version before i had any idea where the song came from, or the story behind it. and then i saw the video of the story on youtube. beautiful.chicks are singing it because it’s finally a song for us altos!! :]jordan

    8. Cameron said:

      hey john! really love this song and had a question. if you get a chance, could you contact me at my email: cameronsanderson@mycompasschurch.comits concerning this song but probably not a blog type conversation. thanks so much!cameron

    9. Justin said:

      I sing your song all the time during worship at FCC. and being a guy, I think it’s a sweet song. haven’t heard many other guys sing it. but i think it sounds good either way. Although Kim Walker’s version blows me out of the water.

    10. Those are my friends in the Uke video haha, I’m so proud!

    11. Chris said:


    12. Andrus said:

      Hey John! I am a worshipleader from Estonia. We´re gonna have a Youth Conference in the beginning of October and this song is gonna be one of the main songs of the whole conference. We love this Song Sooooooo much, powerful message and awesome lyrics. I have a little "favor" to ask from you for the coming conference. If you could contact me on my e-mail, i could explain what do i mean by "favor". Please, if you have time…

    13. Jesse said:

      Hi John Mark,Where can I find the video of you performing How He Loves, with you telling the story and everything? I see that it's no longer available on YouTube.I am just starting to hear your music, and learning about your music… it's great. Thank you for sharing your talent. Also thanks for writing about water and sanitation in Africa… I'm on my way there, to continue doing watsan aid work in Sudan. Such a need…

    14. jonny said:

      I first heard this song by The Glorious Unseen. Then I researched the song, and came upon your work. amazing amazing stuff. I lead worship at my church and stoked to bring this song to the table.

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