Quite A Ride

We’ve been on quite a ride the last couple of weeks. The CD is so close to being finished. Our deadline to master is next week! We should have the final product just in time for our CD release event (September 6 in Charlotte at the Visulite Theatre). At the same time we have also finished the long awaited Zao Water benefit album! We haven’t established and exact release date for this project but we should be announcing a date in the very near future. I’m extremely proud of both of these projects and I can’t wait to share this music with you. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about them and are ready to hear them. Well here you go. (I’ve posted some of the music below.)

Last night we had the privilege of leading worship with Leonard Jones at a Todd Bentley meeting in Fort Mill SC. It was great to worship with several thousand people in the open air. I love playing outside. Apparently we were on God TV. I haven’t heard (and usually don’t) if or when they’ll re-run it but If I were a betting man…

Little Jude is healthy and happy. He’s adjusting to life on the planet earth nicely. He enjoys eating, sleeping and late night conversation. He seems to respond well to music (shocker). I’m glad he likes it. He’s going to hear a lot of it. He doesn’t seem to like baths or diaper changes, however he doesn’t like to be dirty or have dirty diapers either. He is, as we all are, a beautiful contradiction. He doesn’t want to be the way he is but he doesn’t always enjoy the process of change (the changing of diapers especially). Hey, I’ve already learned something from the little guy.


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