Hey Jude

Several months ago I ran into a friend from Switzerland. He recently had a dream that briefly brought him back to our area. In this dream he prayed for a couple of specific MorningStar worship leaders in the basement of Heritage International Ministries and a new sound was released into the world from these leaders. During a church meeting he saw Sarah and I and told us that he believed he also was supposed to pray for us. He proceeded to pray and began to prophesy that when our new baby was born, a new praise would also be born. Little did he know that we were planning to name our son Jude: a modern form of the name Judah that means “praise”.

On July 23, 2008 at 1:07 PM a new praise, weighing in at just under 9 pounds and stretching just under 22 inches, was indeed born to Sarah and I! Significantly enough the first sound that little Jude heard on earth was the chorus of Kevin Prosch’s anthem “Praise the Lord Oh My Soul”. This was only one song of a large mix that I created the day before. We brought the music in to help the mood during the possible hours of labor. I had no clue what exact song would be playing when Jude made his grand entrance (or exit depending on how you look at it). It just blows me away that the first words a boy named “praise” hears as he enters the world is “praise the Lord oh my soul, praise the Lord”! I can hardly contain myself when I think about it!

Jude Williams McMillan is a healthy, glorious creature and is already incredibly loved by many people. He is a sign and a wonder and more than that, just a really great guy to hang with.

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