Rock For Water Tour: Stop Number 4 – Bakersfield, CA

It’s about 12:30 AM west coast time and we’re driving an hour and a half to where we’ll be staying for the next couple of days. We’ve just finished our fourth night in a row and we’re all looking forward to a little rest.
We ended the show tonight with our whole crew on the stage singing “How He Loves US”. I think there may have been over 20 people on the stage. We’ve been ending the shows with our whole crew together and Aaron Strumpel playing the theme of the song on the trumpet. Tonight we added a violin and jingle bells as well. It never sounds great in traditional terms but there is something pretty powerful about filling every corner of the stage with a human body and every crevice of the air with a screaming voice or clanging instrument.

I love the idea of regular people making music together. I’m a fan of excellence in art but not at the expense of sincerity (Elitism is self-defeating if you ask me). Some times the things that sound ridiculous by themselves, sound awesome when we do them together. And as cheesy as it sounds, often our insignificant things can be powerful when we combine them with other people’s insignificant things. On this trip we learned that a couple of powerless dollars in our pocket or a cup of Starbucks can save a whole human being when combined with the resources and experience of other people. In our first four nights alone we’ve raised enough money to supply water to several thousand people. Many of them are children who have a high chance of dying with out it. And all we did was sing. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

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