Rock For Water

Things are going well with the McMillan clan. We’ve recently learned that we’re going to have a boy. We can’t wait to meet him this July! Over the past couple of weeks we’ve worshiped and taught in Virginia, Kentucky, and participated in a couple events in the Carolinas as well. Unfortunately, I’ve been to busy to spend any significant time in the studio on my upcoming project, but I can’t wait to jump back in with both feet in about 3 weeks.

At this exact moment Sarah I are in the air on our way to Los Angeles to begin our two-week tour of California. We’ll start in the San Diego area and slowly work our way up through San Francisco playing worship events and concerts as far north as Redding. The purpose of these events is to raise money to dig wells in South Sudan and at the same time raise awareness of the situation there.

We’re very excited about this tour and the work in Sudan that we’re supporting, but one of the coolest aspects of this trip is the opportunity to work together with another group of people across the country to save lives. We’ve connected with a wonderful community of believers at Radiant Church ( in California’s central valley who are partnering with us throughout the entire event, and have done a massive amount of planning and preparation for the tour. It’s awesome to see how our two groups can accomplish exponentially more together than we could on our own.

Please keep our team in your prayers. Pray for safe travel, a powerful presence of God and open hearts at our events. Also pray for a spirit of generosity. None of the money we raise goes to us. Every penny goes to save lives in Sudan.

Thank you all for your love and support. We love you!


Here’s a 10 minute video about the tour: 

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